Pretty in Pink at All-Pro Stadium

The power of pink was more than evident at All-Pro Stadium in Avon last Friday night as the Mercy Foundation of Lorain County proudly partnered with the Lake Erie Crushers in conjunction with their “Pack the Park Pink” promotional event to increase breast cancer awareness.
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The Mercy Foundation and the Crushers recognized and celebrated breast cancer survivors and healthcare providers from within the community with a very special evening of events.
The night was highlighted by a group Pink Glove Dance on the field of All-Pro Stadium after the game.
“It was an opportunity for the best of Mercy health care providers to come out and share an evening, to have fun, and for the survivors to have a moment to smile and share their journey. It was an opportunity to release in a little bit of a different way,” said Shirley Radziszewski, Executive Director Mercy Cancer Center. “The cancer journey is really difficult. To have a day to smile is priceless.”
As pink-clad cancer survivors joined with their health care providers, the choreographed dance (featuring the macarena, stadium-wide crowd wave, and other nifty moves) was video-taped to be part of the nation-wide ‘Pink Glove’ You Tube sensation that has been sweeping the country.
“Pretty and Perfect in Pink is how I like to recap the night,” said Mary Woog-Herzak of the Mercy Foundation. “Our main objective on Friday night was to celebrate life for survivors of
breast cancer and raise awareness of the continued need for research, and
promote Mercy’s Cancer Center.”
Participants were given pink gloves to wear during the recording while breast cancer survivors shared post-game dance on the field with the Crushers and Stomper, the team mascot. Pink-themed fireworks then lit up the night sky as the dancers celebrated life and living. It was a very special event of fun, health and healing.


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