Westlake Police Report 8-15-12

Date: 8-15-12

Media Release

NM Male Arrested after Assault

Fr: Capt. Guy Turner

On August 14 at 9:37PM, multiple witnesses reported a male beating a female in the Regal theater
parking lot at 30147 Detroit Rd. 25-year-old Mitchell KUHN of Las Cruces, NM was chased through
the parking lot by a male Good Samaritan, who assisted the arresting officer in subduing KUHN. The
victim (20-year-old Cleveland woman) was transported to St. John Medical Center by Westlake FD,
where she received stitches for cuts and bruises to her head.

KUHN complained of chest pains and was also transported to St. John Med. Center that evening. He
had been drinking; there are also indicators of illegal drug use. KUHN has been discharged and is in the
Westlake City Jail facing at least a Felonious Assault charge. The suspect and victim are unknown to
each other.