Bay Village Police Report 11/26/2012


On 11/25/2012, at 1638 hrs, a resident in the 24000 block of Knickerbocker called to report her neighbor was outside taking pictures of her and yelling at her.  Police were dispatched and were able to resolve the matter.

On 11/24/2012, at 2337 hrs, a BVPD officer discovered an unoccupied car parked on Electric near Bassett that had stolen license plates on it.  The plates were stolen out of Westlake in June.  Westlake dispatched an officer to the scene, and impounded the car.  Police are still investigating.

On 11/24/2012, at 0622 hrs, BVPD received a call from a female who was out walking her dog stating she had been approached by a male on Knickerbocker in the area of Upland.  The male appeared disoriented, and wanted to know what City he was in, where the highway was, and where the lake was.  The male continued walking towards the woods.  Officers located the male lying down in the woods wearing only one shoe.  The Colorado resident was intoxicated, and claimed he was walking from Lakewood to a house in Avon Lake.  He had lost his shoe in a brush pile in the woods.  The 26 yoa was arrested for Disorderly Conduct-Intoxicated, and later released.  He will face charges at RRMC.

On 11/24/2012, at 0208 hrs, an Ashton Lane resident called to report there were two males banging on his neighbors front door.  Upon arrival, officers located the two men.  They lived at the residence and had locked themselves out.  They were trying to wake someone in the house to let them back in.  Officers assisted them getting back into their house.

On 11/24/2012, at 0029 hrs, a BVPD officer stopped a vehicle on Bassett rd. at Electric for a traffic violation.  After speaking with the driver, the officer discovered the driver had an argument with her boyfriend as they were driving down the road and he had exited the vehicle.  She was driving around looking for him.  The officer also suspected the 37 yoa female had been drinking.  Field sobriety tests were administered, and as a result, she was arrested for OVI. During the traffic stop, her 37 yoa boyfriend approached officers and wanted to know what was going on.  He was also intoxicated.  He was arrested for Disorderly Conduct-Intoxicated.  Both will face charges at RRMC.

On 11/23/2012, at 1000 hrs, an East Oakland resident called BVPD to report she had jewelry taken from her house.  Someone had entered her house and taken the contents of her two jewelry boxes.   There were no signs of forced entry.  Police are investigating.

On 11/23/2012, at 1445 hrs, a Willoway resident called to report a set of coins valued at $900.00 had been stolen from his house.  Police are investigating.

On 11/22/2012, at 2215 hrs, a resident from the 24000 block of Bruce Rd. called to report her house had been burglarized while she was away.  The house had been ransacked.  Jewelry appeared to be the only thing missing.  Police are investigating.

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