Bay Village Police Blotter Feb. 4, 2013


On 02/01/2013, at 0027 hrs, BVPD received a complaint of an occupied vehicle that had been parked in the Green Island parked for a lengthy period of time.  Officers checked on the vehicle, and discovered the sleeping occupant was just taking a break from driving.  He was advised and sent on his way.
BVPD took a report on February 1, 2013 for a resident reporting some jewelry and cash taken from the home.   It was determined that a contractor was working in the house at the time of the theft.  Detectives are investigating.
On 01/29/2013, at 1631 hrs, a contractor called BVPD to report someone had stolen some of the copper piping out of aforeclosed home he was working on on Columbia Rd.  In the process of stealing the pipe, the thief also caused $1,500 in water damage.  Police also learned of another house on Elmwood that was in foreclosure that had been vacant and had the copper piping stolen.  Police are investigating both incidents.
On Tuesday, January 29, 2013 a Bay Village resident filed a report of identity theft. The resident reported over the last three years someone else has been using her social security number.  She discovered the problem when she went to her bank to refinance her mortgage.   A check of her credit report showed multiple outstanding accounts that she did not open.  The resident filed a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission and contacted the Social Security Administration to insure her social security number was not the same as anyone else’s.  Detectives are investigating.   Residents are encouraged to check their credit report (which can be done online for free) at least once a year for accuracy and fraud.

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