Westlake Police Blotter Feb 25, 2013

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5 vehicles were entered on the night of Feb. 14 while parked at a Sperry Dr. motel. A dart set, CDs, GPS units, camera, battery chargers, tools, and checks were taken. None of the vehicles showed signs of forced entry and no suspects.

An Alabama couple staying at a Sperry Dr. hotel heard crying in the next room on Feb. 16 at 12:02AM. They found an unattended 2-year-old girl and notified hotel staff; the couple also tried to find the child’s parents. After at least 10 minutes, her intoxicated 36-year-old mother from S. Carolina was located, as were the child’s intoxicated grandparents. The mother claimed that she had been gone for only a few minutes; other evidence indicated that the child’s three adult family members had been in the hotel bar since 10PM. The City Prosecutor will rule on a possible Child Endangering charge.

Catalytic converters were cut off of three vehicles on the night of Feb. 15. Two vehicles were parked in the lot of the King James North condo/apartment complex on Detroit Rd., while the third was parked in the lot of an apartment complex on Weymouth Cr. No suspects.

A Westlake man’s locker at a Detroit Rd. storage company was found broken into on Feb. 16. A snow blower and curio cabinet were taken (total value $1700); no suspects.

The rear door to a Hollywood Dr. home was forced open on Feb. 16 between 2PM-7:25PM. Jewelry and 2 frozen turkeys were taken. Neighbors reported seeing an unfamiliar red Ford F150 pickup in the driveway that afternoon. Complaints were also received earlier that day from a Carriage Park Ov. resident about a suspicious truck matching that description. The white male and white female occupants went up to two homes there and purported to be looking for old army buddies or a sister.

An 18-year-old Center Ridge Rd. man with an IPod listed for sale on Craigslist received an offer to buy it by text at 10:07PM on Feb. 16. The putative buyer (21-year-old Cleveland woman) arrived alone in a car at 11:57PM and engaged the victim in conversation. A male on foot then jumped the victim, took the Ipod, threatened to kill him, and ran off. The Cleveland woman then drove away. That vehicle was stopped at Clague Rd. and Hilliard Blvd. by WPD and RRPD officers. The passenger, a 24-year-old Cleveland man, was arrested for Robbery and Agg. Menacing; that same Cleveland woman driving was arrested for Complicity to those offenses. The Ipod was recovered.

An 18-year-old Cleveland woman was arrested for Underage Consumption and DCI after raising too much Cain at a Sperry Dr. hotel on Feb. 17 at 2:06AM. She and her party had been warned about being noisy 30 minutes earlier, but failed to heed the advice. An intoxicated 21-year-old Cleveland man with her kept egging her on in front of officers, but gave the antagonism a rest when arrested for DCI and on warrants from Linndale PD. Others in the group took the arrests to heart and went home quietly in a cab.

16 spools of copper wire (total value $9600) were stolen from the new High School construction site over the weekend of Feb. 15-18. No signs of forced entry to the site and no suspects.

On Feb. 18, a Magnolia Pkwy woman reported that her bank was questioning a $221 charge that had been made in France (possibly at a bakery) with her debit card. Zut alors! Since she had her card and had not traveled internationally….appelez les gendarmes! C’est carte de credite fraude!

A wallet containing a debit card, $7 cash, and misc. papers was taken from the gym at the Recreation Center on Feb. 18 between 5-7PM. It belonged to a 16-year-old Westlake boy who was playing basketball. No suspects.

The valve stem was cut off the tire of an Avon Lake man’s truck while it was parked behind his Detroit Rd. business on Feb. 21. He suspects a former owner of the business.

A $500 Iphone was taken from an unlocked locker at the High School on Feb. 21 between 4:30PM and 5:30PM. It belonged to a 13-year-old Westlake boy; no suspects.

A 39-year-old Bay Village woman hit-skipped a truck on Clemens Rd. on Feb. 21 at 4:23PM, then hit a mailbox on Cahoon Rd. She was located in a Detroit Rd. parking lot and arrested for OVI. She begged the officers to take her home so that her folks could put her into rehab. No dice; she was also cited for Hit-Skip, BAC (.295 by breath), and Failure to Control.

A guest’s urinating off the balcony at an underage drinking party drew the ire of a Saddlebrook Ln. neighbor on Feb. 23 at 11:31PM. As officers arrived, the partiers drew the blinds, turned off the lights, and refused to answer the door. Alas, the apartment owner was contacted (she was out of town); she then called her 17-year-old son and ordered him to answer the door. He will be filed on for a keg law violation and Underage Consumption and was turned over to an adult family friend. 2 18-year-old Westlake men (one of whom was the whiz kid) and a 17-year-old Westlake boy also will be charged with Underage Consumption. They were also released to sober adults.

A Riviera Ln. home was forcibly entered between 7PM on Feb. 22 and 10:45PM on Feb. 24. The patio door had been forced; the owner is compiling a list of stolen property. No suspects.


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