Bay Village Police Blotter Feb 26, 2013

On 02-23-2013, a resident reported several vehicles pulled into the Convenient Foods lot and groups of kids purchased several cartons of eggs.  She described the vehicles involved, which matched the description of vehicles previously reported as operating recklessly in the Bay High parking lot.  The suspect vehicles were stopped on Clague Road at Wolf Rd by an officer.  All the eggs were confiscated and the parents of the kids advised about their shenanigans.

On 02/23/2013, at 1214 hrs, BVPD received a complaint from a Bay Fair Ct. resident of three juveniles walking down the rail road tracks and drinking beer.  Officers located the trio on the rail road tracks.  They were drinking iced tea from a can.  They warned about the dangers of trespassing on the railroad tracks and sent on their way.

On 02/22/2013, at 1916 hrs, a Wolf Rd. resident reported someone fraudulently tried to use her personal information to open an account.  The company flagged the application and eventually denied it.  Police are investigating.

On 02/19/2013, at 1947 hrs, a Rexford resident called to report her credit card had been stolen and $400 had been removed from her account.  After investigating, it was discovered her 21 yoa son had taken the card.  A warrant has been issued for his arrest.

On 02/19/2013, at 0750 hrs, a contractor who is building a house in the 25000 block called BVPD to report the house and tool trailer had been entered overnight.  Copper, $2,500 worth of various tools, and a $250 radio were stolen.  Police are investigating.


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