Fairview Hospital Hosts Annual High School Art Contest

The Cleveland Clinic Cancer Center at Fairview Hospital sponsored its fifth annual high school art contest this month, with winners announced at a ceremony honoring the students.

 Artists from five local schools participated in the event, which strives to educate the students and their peers about risk factors that can lead to the development of cancer. This year’s theme was Anti-Tobacco, and students were charged with learning about lung cancer and tobacco use, and then translating what they learned into a work of art that would educate the general public about the hazards of smoking.

 Top Prizes:

  • Top honor and first prize of $500 – David Torrence, Lakewood High School

  • Second prize of $250 – Noel Novak, Fairview High School

  • Third prize of $100 – Richard Bottiglier, Lakewood High School

Honorable mention prizes of $50 each were awarded to:

  • Hannah Woodruff, Bay Village High School

  • Caitlyn Ward, Fairview High School

  • Jeannie Leary, Strongsville High School

  • Marissa Stutzman, North Olmsted High School

  • Michael Harwood, Fairview High School

The winning posters will be on display at local high schools, libraries, and hospitals in the months to come.

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