“Bridging the Generations” Art Show Winners

Hosted by Rae-Ann Suburban Skilled Nursing and Rehabilitation Center of Westlake April 23-25

Award winners

Name, School, Title, Jury Award, Participant Award



Tyler Schneider, Bassett, Rainbow Fish, 1st Place

Brady Nolan, Hilliard, Caterpillar, 2nd Place

Isabella Hill, Hilliard, Y Tree, 3rd Place

Johnny Jatsyshyn, Holly Lane, Flowers, Honorable Mention

Brody Petersen, Holly Lane, Flowers, Honorable Mention

1st Grade

Mohmoud Mustafa, Bassett, Jungle, 1st Place

Larissa Krantz, Dover, 2nd Place

Myles McLaughlin, Holly Lane, The Bull Strike, 3rd Place

Jaye McBride, Bassett, Honorable Mention

Maeve Stofko, Hilliard, Blob Monster, Honorable Mention

Hunter Waring, Hilliard, Inspired by Klimt, Honorable Mention

Anthi Katsaros, Holly Lane, Cave Art Animals, Honorable Mention

Olivia Castelluccio, St. Bernadette, Fluffy, Honorable Mention

2nd Grade

Amelia Kollar, Dover, Circus Picture, 1st Place

Justin Shreffler, Holly Lane, The Spring Flowers, 2nd Place

Allison Vasek, St. Bernadette, 3rd Place

Carolyn Black, Dover, Honorable Mention

Annabelle Bodi, Hilliard, Birch Trees, Honorable Mention

Kate Peacock, Bassett, Mask, Resident Choice Award runner up

3rd Grade

Selena Tapia, Hilliard, Inspired by Joan Miro, 1st Place

Nathan Smith, Dover, Outer Space, 2nd Place

Meredith Shemo, St. Bernadette, Bunny, 3rd Place

Erin Blood, Bassett, Kachina, Honorable Mention

Michelle Xiao, Bassett, Asian Album Painting, Honorable Mention

Dylan Bellone, Dover, Bird, Honorable Mention

Isabella Ott, Dover, Bird of Color, Honorable Mention

Tyler Sugimoto, Dover, Aggressive Alligator, Honorable Mention

4th Grade

Ghali Odetallah, Dover, 1st Place

Shane Quinn, Dover, The Tiki Man, 2nd Place

Dom Spremulli, Dover, 3rd Place

Marcella Napoli, Bassett, Immigration Portrait, Honorable Mention

Amanda Finney, Dover, Honorable Mention

5th Grade

Jason Zhang, Parkside, Aboriginal Art and Sumi-e Bamboo Painting, 1st Place

6th Grade

Zain Yassen, Parkside, 1st Place

Rafi Melikian, Parkside, Impressionism Painting, 2nd Place

Katie Cirincione, Parkside, Penguins, 3rd Place

Maisy Bogart, Parkside, Honorable Mention

Cooper Ilg, Parkside, Colorful Pond, Honorable Mention

7th Grade

Allison Routhier, Lee Burneson, Ostrich, 1st Place

Hannah Rosenthal, Lee Burneson, Cardinal in the Greens?, 2nd Place

Megan Fulton, Lee Burneson, Values of a Hummingbird, 3rd Place

Matthew Repansky, Lee Burneson, A Giant Croc, 3rd Place

8th Grade

Jane Fitz, Lee Burneson, Fish Out of Water, 1st Place, Best in Show Honorable Mention

Mary DeFeo, Lee Burneson, 2nd Place

Tony Marchese, Lee Burneson, Humphry, 3rd Place

Sean Parenica, Lee Burneson, Humphry, 3rd Place

Jake Pickens, Lee Burneson, Humphry, 3rd Place

Sydney Chatterton, Lee Burneson, Flower Photo, Honorable Mention

Sneha Ramachandran, Lee Burneson, Nila, Honorable Mention

9th Grade

Rebecca Prexta, Westlake High School, Still Life, 1st Place

Elise Illius, Westlake High School, A Splash of Color, 2nd Place

Ellen Wagner, Westlake High School, Fence in Beach Dunes, 3rd Place

Harleen Shergill, Westlake High School, Honorable Mention

Robyn Hageman, Westlake High School, Carter, Resident Choice Award

10th Grade

Kylie Hulver, Westlake High School, Time Flies, 1st Place

Sohi Mistry, Westlake High School, Cozumel Beach, 2nd Place

Sam Peplin, Westlake High School, The Yacht Club, 3rd Place

Christa Beyer, Westlake High School, In Depth, Honorable Mention

Kylie Hulver, Westlake High School, Honorable Mention

Madeline Lee, Westlake High School, Day and Night, Honorable Mention

11th Grade

Evan Leonard, Westlake High School, Cleveland Collage, 1st Place

Kelsea Patterson, Westlake High School, Framed, 2nd Place

Kalahan Patterson, Westlake High School, The Flats, 3rd Place

Quinlan Galvin, Westlake High School, The Music That Haunts This Town, Honorable Mention

12th Grade

Miruna Gorodea, Westlake High School, Ivy League, 1st Place, Best in Show

Erika Crocker, Westlake High School, Unfinished, 2nd Place

Devon Kodger, Westlake High School, Parlay, 3rd Place

Julianne Aprile, Westlake High School, Changing Gears in Cleveland, Honorable Mention

Allison Chonko, Westlake High School, Landscape, Honorable Mention

Grace Cristiano, Westlake High School, Self Portrait, Honorable Mention

Wan Kwok, Westlake High School, The Red Folder, Honorable Mention

Lydia Reagan, Westlake High School, Flight, Honorable Mention

Danny Sauer, Rae-Ann Suburban, 6 A.M. Electrical Storm, Student Choice Award

Robert Reese, Rae-Ann Suburban, View from a Window, Student Choice Award runner up