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Dear Friend,


Almost 300,000 people in Ohio alone rely on Social Security. And right now, their benefits are being threatened.


The President’s new budget proposal includes something known as “chained CPI” — a change in the way benefits are calculated that would result in seniors taking a hit in their monthly checks.


President Obama may be hoping that this concession will bring Republicans to the table. But we’ve seen how obstinate Republicans are about protecting tax breaks for millionaires. And progressives like you and me must be even more devoted to protecting Social Security for seniors and the disabled.


Chained CPI is a benefit cut — and it’s wrong. That’s why I’m joining forces with the Daily Kos to gather a grassroots movement dedicated to protecting Social Security benefits. And we need your help. Show your commitment to protecting Social Security — add your name right now.


We should be strengthening Social Security by making sure benefits keep up with costs — not weakening it so benefits fall behind.


A chained CPI wouldn’t keep up with inflation for the things seniors need most — like health care and prescription drug costs. Which would leave seniors to pay the difference.


I’m all for reducing our deficit and cutting wasteful spending. But a chained CPI for Social Security is a terrible idea. We cannot balance a budget by cutting benefits our seniors need.


If you’re with me and our friends at Daily Kos, demand that any budget deal protect Social Security.


Progressives shouldn’t negotiate away the financial security of our seniors.


Thank you for your support on this.


Sen. Sherrod Brown


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