Seidman Center Westlake Upgrades Radiation Treatment Resource

Seidman Cancer Center at University Hospitals Westlake Health Center has upgraded its

radiation treatment facility to provide state-of-the-art outpatient radiation therapy.


The newly installed Varian iX system offers advanced image guidance and treatment

accuracy which enables enhanced targeting of the cancer while simultaneously

maximally shielding adjacent normal tissue from potentially harmful effects of the X-Ray



Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy (IMRT) is a specialized form of treatment in

which the radiation dose is delivered using small “beamlets” which are rapidly turned on

and off and delivered from various angles around the body. This technique effectively

“sculpts” the high-dose radiation area into irregular shapes to match an individual

patient’s anatomy which can lessen potential side-effect of treatment and also allow for a

higher dose of radiation which can increase the chance for cure.


The Varian iX provides the most precise treatment delivery available because it uses both

X-ray and cone-beam CAT scan technology to image the tumor area daily immediately

prior to each treatment to enable the physician and treatment team to optimally and

quickly align the patient so that the tumor is in the “crosshairs” of the machine with

certainty. Image guidance also allows for tracking the response to treatment (i.e. tumor

shrinkage) in selected cases.


In addition, Varian’s “RapidArc” innovation provides faster treatment using a technique

called volumetric modulated arc therapy. This reduces s treatment time to as little as three

minutes each day from the traditional 15-20 minutes. The faster delivery ensures that

patient movement and internal tumor movement will be at a minimum which increases

the accuracy of treatment and also greatly improves patient comfort and convenience.


The Seidman Cancer Center at UH Westlake Health Center treats adults with most types

of cancer and lymphoma.


Joel Elconin, MD, is the clinical director of Radiation Oncology at the UH Westlake

Health Center which is located at 960 Clague Road in Westlake, Ohio at the intersection

of Clague and I-90. He can be reached at 440-250-2011 and welcomes inquiries from

anyone who is interested in learning more about this exciting development in radiation

cancer medicine.