Westlake City Council May 16, 2013

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Below are the links to the agenda from the May 16 Council meeting with actions as well as the approved minutes from the April 18 Council meeting and May 8 Finance committee meeting.

Council meeting agenda with actions:  http://www.cityofwestlake.org/pdfs/CnlAgendas/CnlAgenda.pdf

Approved Council meeting minutes:  http://www.cityofwestlake.org/pdfs/CouncilMinutes/2013/20130502CnlMin.pdf

Finance committee meeting minutes:  http://www.cityofwestlake.org/pdfs/CnlAgendas/Committees/20130508Finance.pdf

The following committee meeting was scheduled:

Planning/Zoning/Legislative committee, May 29 at 7:00 p.m.:  http://www.cityofwestlake.org/pdfs/CnlAgendas/Committees/20130529PZL.pdf