Westlake Police Weekly Blotter

An unknown suspect set him or herself up with cable TV service May-July 2012 at the expense of a Regency Pl. man. The suspect had the service installed at a Cleveland home using the victim’s identity and defaulted on the $105 bill. The victim reported the matter on May 24.

A 2-liter pop bottle bomb damaged a Sequoia Trl. home’s mailbox on May 24 at 11:30PM. The household heard what they thought was a firecracker at that time and then found the damage the next morning. No suspects.

A party at a Schwartz Rd. home got out of hand on May 24 around 10:45PM. A 16-year-old Westlake boy was repeatedly punched by two other 16-year-old Westlake boys while another unknown subject reportedly recorded the incident on a cellphone. The victim initially refused to tell his mother what happened, but relented on May 26. She took him to the hospital where he was treated for a concussion. The investigation continues.

An intoxicated 44-year-old man forced his way into his on-off girlfriend’s Dover Center Rd. home on May 25 at 12:56AM. He was arrested for DCI. The 44-year-old female first described him as her ex-boyfriend, then later stated they had been dating for a year and lived together. Either way, she locked him out; he kicked in the door from the garage to the home to reenter.

A noisy boyfriend-girlfriend argument at a Bassett Rd. assisted living facility led to the arrest of both Elyrians on May 25 at 10:54PM. The 20-year-old male masqueraded as a cousin, due to having warrants from Lorain and Elyria PDs. He was arrested for Misidentification, Possession of Marijuana, and the warrants.  His 19-year-old love interest perpetuated the falsehood, thus yielding an arrest for Obstructing Justice.

Two 10 and 11-year old Westlake boys were confronted by three 10, 13, and 14-year-old Westlake boys on May 26 around noon at Bassett Elementary school. The trio accused the duo of hurting a friend of theirs with an airsoft gun. Accounts vary as to whether the latter group displayed or pointed an airsoft gun at the younger males. All three acknowledged playing with airsoft guns at the time in question. A ruling on possible charges will be sought from a Juvenile Ct. prosecutor. It should be noted that the discharge of airsoft guns is prohibited within the city limits (just like firearms and bb or pellet guns).

A Clemens Rd. motel room rented by a Cincinnati man was found trashed by the staff on May 26 at 1:55PM. Food and vomit were all over, the clock-radio and phone were broken, and blood was smeared around the bathroom. The renter has not returned a call from the investigating officer and, as per his room rental agreement, may have his credit card billed for the damages.

A 1993 Toyota Landcruiser belonging to a Lorain man was entered by unknown means on May 27 between 4PM-10:30PM. $300 cash and 3 credit cards were taken; one online purchase was made with one of them. The vehicle was parked in a public garage on Crocker Rd.

The rooftop bike rack belonging to a Saddlebrook Ln. man was stolen off his 2007 Audi A4 on the night of May 27. His car had been parked in the lot of his apartment complex and the rack was locked and strapped to the vehicle. No suspects.

A Westlake woman’s 2001 Chevrolet Cavalier had a fleece jacket and phone charger taken from it on the night of May 27. Unknown suspect(s) broke the passenger door window while it was parked in her Crocker Rd. garage.

A 16-year-old Westlake girl walking her dog on May 28 at 1:20PM was the object of unwanted attentions from a man who commented aloud on her attractiveness while he was parked on Dover Center Rd. This male then followed the girl onto Georgetown Dr. and asked for her name and phone number. She went to her grandma’s house nearby and called WPD; the vehicle left. The vehicle was a red utility-style truck towing a trailer with some sort of construction equipment on it. The truck had writing or lettering on the side and possibly on the back. The driver was a white male, 50-60 years old, wore glasses, and called himself “Ed”.

A Westlake woman’s purse, credit cards, and $200 cellphone were taken from her 2011 Toyota Camry on May 28 between 6PM-7:30PM. Unknown suspect(s) broke the driver’s window while she was at Red Fitness (old Ballys) on Columbia Rd. No misuse of the credit cards has taken place.

Sometime between March 1 and May 30, 2 diamond necklaces disappeared from a Kingsway home. The owners suspect house cleaners; the investigation continues.

A 2-year-old Westlake girl was treated at St. John Medical Center for a dislocated elbow on May 30 at 3:30PM. Her mother reported that her husband (child’s father) inflicted the injury earlier that day. The mother advised that she was moving out; the investigation continues.

A Brittany Cr. man reported bogus charges on his credit card on May 30. A $967 purchase of an Iphone was not shipped by Apple after the victim notified the company. A $233 steam cleaner did show up at the victim’s house from Walmart.com; it is theorized that the unknown suspect hoped to sneak that package off the victim’s porch before the delivery was noticed.


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