Westlake Girl Scout Troop Discovers, Connects and Takes Action – Extreme Style!


L to R: Lydia Gadd, Director of Community Outreach, St. John Medical Center, Rachael, Food Bank Coordinator, St. John Medical Center, Holly Tomkalski and Julia Aylward, 8th grade Cadette Girl Scouts.


Cadette Troop 71047 discovered that St. John Medical Center has a food bank in its Community Outreach office that serves employees who may be experiencing difficult situations.

The Cadette Troop created and hosted 8 different Brownie Badge workshops for a Silver Award fundraiser at the facility and ‘peeked’ in on the food closet.

The 5 Cadette Girl Scouts discovered that the pantry was a little empty and then went on to discover a pile of Campbell’s coupons. The girls discovered they may be able to help the center with their food needs.


The Girl Scouts connected by taking 250 coupons to a local retailer and bought Spaghetti Os for the food pantry. A motto of Girl Scouts is: Use your resources wisely – so the girls used the coupons to Extreme Coupon shop – getting 250 cans of nutritious meals for less than $3.00 total out of pocket.

The Cadettes were not done yet, they still needed to take action. They returned to the Outreach office and donated the 250 cans of canned food back to the center to help those less fortunate than they are.


The Cadette Troop in Westlake has 5 girls entering the 8th grade. They are currently working on their Silver Award, the highest award a Cadette Girl Scout can earn. The project involved cleaning and refurbishing an abandoned greenhouse and planting an extensive vegetable garden at Our House Assisted Living Community in Westlake Some aspects of the greenhouse project support organic, raw food gardening. Girl Scouts’ highest awards are designed to help girls and their team make a lasting, positive difference in their community that goes on long after their involvement.

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