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From dealing with drunks to graffiti to car thefts, Westlake Police had a busy week. Here is the blotter:

A 59-year-old Elyria woman was arrested for taking $135 worth of makeup from a Crocker Pk. Blvd. store on May 31 at 3:25PM. She was charged with Petty Theft.

An intoxicated 24-year-old North Olmsted man became a lawn care lout at 5:40AM on June 1 by pulling weeds in the yard and then pounding on the door of a stranger’s Dover Center Rd. home. Shortly thereafter, he bothered a Hollywood Dr. man by ringing his doorbell and spouting nonsense about deer and the police chasing him. The first light landscaper, drunk and bedeviled by Dasher and Dancer et al, was found on Pineview Dr. and arrested for DCI.

A former tenant of a Westown Blvd. apartment complex was observed stealing scaffolding by a staffer on June 3 at 10:52AM. When confronted, the 23-year-old Olmsted Township man drove past the female employee, hitting her hand with his car. He fled into North Olmsted, where NOPD stopped him on Mills Rd. He ran from his car, but thoughtfully left his driver’s license behind. The car was towed for Fictitious Plates, and the suspect was arrested a little while later nearby. He faces Robbery, Obstructing Official Business, and Possession of Criminal Tools (a pr. of bolt cutters) charges.

A 46-year-old-father reported confronting his 19-year-old son over the younger man’s pot smoking on June 3 at 4:25AM. The two fought over reefer use by the son and his friends; it ended up with dad locked out of the Santa Clara Dr. home. He walked to the police station where officers photographed the cuts and bruises he suffered. The son was arrested for Dom. Violence at the home shortly thereafter.

A $750 BBQ grill and propane tank were stolen from a Clemens Rd. business on the night of June 2. It had been chained to a pillar; no suspects.

Two 2013 Chevrolet Avalanches were stolen from the Pat O’Brien dealership on Detroit Rd. on the night of June 2. One was recovered on W. 150 St. in Cleveland minus its wheels, stereo, and tailgate. The other was found on Garfield Ave. in Cleveland sans the same parts plus the battery. No suspects.

5 businesses in the Center Ridge Rd.-Dover Center Rd. area were spray-painted on the night of June 3. Signs and walls were defaced with a variety of colors and verbiage, including vulgarity directed at police and pseudo-revolutionary slogans.


Two fake $20 bills were passed at a Detroit Rd. restaurant on June 3 at 7:16PM in rapid succession by a heavyset black female and a black male. They each bought a soft drink at the same register, one right after the other.

A Schwartz Rd. woman reported the misuse of her debit card account on June 5. Unknown suspects used her account number to buy $700 worth of gift cards online June 1-3.

An intoxicated bicyclist wiped out near Clague Rd. and Sperry Dr. on June 5 at 6:31AM. The 39-year-old North Olmsted man had minor scrapes and was arrested for DCI and on a warrant from Parma PD.

A suspicious male was allowed into a Westwood Rd. home by the 90-year-old owner on June 5 at 4:27PM. The male claimed to be from the water department and to be checking the meter. The male left after a few minutes, claiming his boss had called him; nothing was taken. The resident also reported a similar visit by a female about a year ago.

A Westlake man’s 2004 GMC SUV was stolen from a Glenmore Dr. residence sometime between June 4 and 5. It had been left at the residence for repairs; the keys may have been in it.

A Harding Dr. mailbox was destroyed on the night of June 6, possibly by a plastic bottle bomb. A red minivan was seen at 10:46PM that night placing a stink bomb in another Harding Dr.  mailbox.

An unknown suspect broke a $300 directory sign for a Westchester Pkwy apartment complex on the night of June 7.

A 29-year-old Saddlebrook Ln. woman reported that her 27-year-old live-in boyfriend hit her in the face on June 8 at 10:23PM. They had argued as she drove them home from a restaurant. When they got home, the suspect threatened to continue beating her and to keep her from leaving the apartment for 3 days. He was arrested for Dom. Violence. The woman also stated that the male has hit her a number of times before.

A Remington Dr. woman became concerned after her 31-year-old boyfriend puked and passed out after a 3 day drinking binge. She called WPD at 12:27AM on June 9, which angered him. He was arrested for DCI.

A 33-year-old Strongsville woman threw a glass, then pulled the hair and grabbed the throat of a Detroit Rd. bar employee on June 9 at 2:17AM. She was arrested for DCI; the bar employee did not wish to press charges.

A Center Ridge Rd. man paid $46 for a selection of Blu-Ray and DVD discs, which the post office delivered on May 23. They were stolen from his apartment building mailbox area; no suspects. He reported the theft on June 9.



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