Westlake Police Weekly Blotter

A KY man’s visit to the Recreation Center on June 9 was marred by an attempt to break into his car. Between 9:30AM-11:45AM, the driver’s door lock on his 2007 Chevrolet Aveo was forced. Nothing taken and no suspects.

A Hilliard Blvd. man checked his debit card statement online on June 10. He found 7 charges totaling $374 had been made in NY state; the bank closed the account, and he had the card in his wallet the whole time.

The passenger window of a Crossings Pkwy. man’s 2013 Chevrolet Silverado was broken on the night of June 10. Nothing was taken and no suspects.

4 hypodermic needles were taken from a patient at St. John Medical Center on June 11 at 1:33PM. The 29-year-old North Ridgeville woman admitted that while hospitalized, she had shot up 3x with a controlled substance; she will receive a summons for Possession of Drug Abuse Instruments.

Two adjoining Sleepy Hollow Dr. homes had trespassers on their patios on the night of June 11. One had the yard furniture rearranged, while the other had footprints from the unknown suspects left behind.

A 2001 Pontiac station wagon had the entire center console removed on the night of June 11. A GPS unit was taken; it was parked in the owner’s Caroline Cr. apartment parking lot. No suspects.


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