Trick Shot Wins $5000 Pool Table at Danny Vegh’s

A lively group of pool players gathered at Danny Vegh’s Crocker Park location last Tuesday night to compete in a trick shot contest that would bring the winner a $5000 Brunswick Pool Table.

It was Brunswick resident Mario Herevia who took home the Brunswick table!

“I never make that shot the first time I try it, but I did tonight!” exclaimed the delighted winner after the event.

His shot was selected for the win by  professional Billiards Player and ESPN Commentator, Ewa Laurance. She  awarded the winning prize after a line-up of contestants competed with shots ranging from flipping a quarter into a shot glass to multiple-bumper complexities.

The event was held in celebration of Danny Vegh’s 50th store anniversary. Danny Vegh’s offers products for home entertainment including bar accessories, theater rooms, patio furniture, poker tables, arcade games, air and dome hockey, foosball and ping pong tables, shuffleboard sets and home accessories.

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