Bamboo Shark Hatches at Lake Erie Nature & Science Center


When renovations were done to the saltwater Ocean Exhibit at Lake Erie Nature & Science Center, there was one project left unfinished.

A bamboo shark egg was added to the revamped exhibit in September and expected to hatch and complete the renovation in late October. Visitors of all ages checked out the egg and waited patiently as the due date came and went.

On November 17, 2013 the baby shark was finally ready and it left its egg and joined the tank. Bamboo sharks are born with black stripes which fade slowly to brown as the shark ages. At maturity, they can reach 2-3 feet. Bamboo sharks can typically be found near the ground in sandy areas under cracks and ledges of coral. As in the wild, this shark will feed on small crustaceans.

Already at home in the exhibit are a cortez stingray, lunar wrasse, banana wrasse, clown triggerfish and lionfish. Recently added are a snowflake eel, clown triggerfish, rectangular triggerfish and a stars and stripes puffer.

“Saltwater aquariums are a lot of work but well worth it,” says Amy LeMonds, Director of Wildlife at the Center. “The water quality of our Ocean Tank has been well balanced and we’re so happy the tank and it’s inhabitants are thriving.”

Visitors are welcome every day from 10:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. to explore this exhibit as well as many other live animal exhibits. The Center also offers excellent educational programming, a planetarium and wildlife rehabilitation. Admission to Lake Erie Nature & Science Center is always free of charge.


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