Westlake Police: Phone Call Doesn’t Add Up for Pistol Packer

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A 27-year-old Wellington man was arrested by Westlake Police  for OVI on Dec. 6 at 12:50 AM at the intersection of Detroit and Canterbury Rds. He was found to be carrying a loaded .38 cal revolver in his coat (which firearm he insisted was in the trunk of his car) and so was also charged with Using Weapons while Intoxicated. He refused a breath test after he tried to call his attorney by using the calculator function of his cellphone.


Domestic Duels


At 10:03PM on Dec. 1, a 33-year-old woman and her 36-year-old husband fought over maid service and her birthday plans at their Annie Ln. home. He denied hitting the victim; she had a lump on her head. He was arrested for Domestic Violence.

A 3:08AM domestic on Dec. 2 took a slightly different turn when the 51-year-old female victim first came to the police station to make a report, and then refused to let investigating officers into her Detroit Rd. home when they went to arrest the suspect. She reported that her 52-year-old live-in boyfriend had pulled her hair, kicked her, and thrown her down. She vacillated between pressing charges and just kicking him out; in the end, a Domestic Violence warrant was received for the suspect.


A 26-year-old Lorain man called WPD on Dec. 5 at 2:58AM reporting that he and his 24-year-old girlfriend had argued at her Detroit Rd. apartment. He was afraid that she would claim that he beat her up and so, on the advice of his father, was making a preemptive call. Investigating officers found that the pair had fought and that he was the primary aggressor. He was arrested for Domestic Violence.


Wrong Number

A 22-year-old Akron man stole another customer’s Iphone while both were shopping at a Crocker Pk. Blvd. store on Dec. 3 at 6:35PM. The suspect is known to store staff and also (hard to believe) is on probation for Agg. Theft. The investigating officer called him and gave him until 10PM that day to return the phone to WPD. Instead, proving that there is no honor among thieves, he sent a 21-year-old Akron man to WPD with the phone, which was now without its SIM card. That fellow lied to the officer about his friend’s location (the original suspect was found hiding in a car at the nearby Board of Education lot). The original suspect was arrested for Theft; his delivery man was arrested for RSP and Obstructing Justice.


Churches Burgled

Two Hilliard Blvd. churches were burgled on the night of Dec. 3. A rock was thrown through a door window of the first one to allow entry; nothing seems to be missing. In the second, the unknown suspect(s) tried bodily force on one set of doors, but did not get in. A second set of doors was pried; nothing was taken.

Sometime between Nov. 22 and Dec. 5, a Westwood Rd. home was broken into through a garage door. The entry was discovered by a family member who was checking the house while the owners are away. Cash, a coin collection, and jewelry are missing; no suspects.


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