Church on the Rise Prison Christmas Gift Assembly Assists Over 800 Inmates


For the last 7 straight years, Church on the Rise in Westlake has organized a massive Christmas Eve Prison Outreach at two Lorain County Prisons!

Dozens of members from the congregation assembled Christmas gifts for inmates Wednesday, December 18.

These Christmas gift bags include soap, deodorant, shampoo, toothpaste, brand new socks, and candy bars!  40 men from the church ages 21 and older will be distributing the Christmas gifts to over 850 inmates in local prisons on Christmas Eve morning.

“We want everyone to know the love of Jesus,” said Pastor Paul Endrei. “These men and women are not forgotten at Christmas time.”

Witnessing members as they packed 800 plus gifts offered powerful testimony to the overwhelming positive response that the men get year after year!

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