Glenn Research Center Employees Receive NASA Honor Awards

nasa-logoNASA’s Glenn Research Center Director Jim Free and former NASA astronaut Scott Altman recognized over 500 Glenn employees and contractors for exceptional contributions and achievements in science, technology, engineering, craftsmanship, leadership and administrative service at the 2013 Honor and Center Awards Ceremony.

Below are the Honor Award recipients, their hometowns and the award citations from the ceremony program.

Presidential Rank Award of Meritorious Senior Professional: Rickey J. Shyne, Strongsville, the rank of Meritorious Executive in the Senior Executive Service for sustained superior accomplishment in management of programs of the United States Government and for noteworthy achievement of quality and efficiency in the public service.

Presidential Rank Award of Distinguished Senior Professional: Isaiah M. Blankson, Solon, for sustained extraordinary accomplishment in the conduct of programs of the United States Government and for professionalism exemplifying the highest standards of service to the public, reflecting credit on the career civil service.

Outstanding Leadership Medal: Ruben Del Rosario, Strongsville, for sustained leadership and exceptionally high-impact achievements in the development strategy to NASA research projects for commercial subsonic transport technologies.

Linda D. Dukes-Campbell, Beachwood, for exceptional leadership of dynamic media and outreach teams at the NASA Glenn Research Center.

Carol A. Ginty, Olmsted Township, for outstanding leadership of significant agency projects including Space Environmental Test, Commercial Space and Cryogenic Propellant Storage and Transfer.

Julie A. Grantier for exceptional and sustained leadership while serving as the technical lead for the European Space Agency Service Module team.

Glen M. Horvat, North Royalton, for exceptional and sustained leadership while serving as Glenn’s Senior Spaceflight Chief Engineer.


Mark W. Manthey, Hinckley Township, for outstanding and sustained leadership in the Procurement Division, resulting in significant improvements in contractual products and services to the Glenn Research Center.

Laura A. Maynard-Nelson, Grafton Township, for outstanding leadership in the advancement of the software engineering discipline to meet NASA’s missions and goals.

Carolyn R. Mercer, Bay Village, for exemplary service as the Space Power Systems Project Manager, Human Spaceflight Architecture Technology Team member and SBIR Space Power Subtopic Lead.

Steven R. Oleson, Bath Township, for sustained outstanding leadership of the Collaborative Modeling for Parametric Assessment of Space Systems Team in developing innovative conceptual spacecraft designs.

David J. Steigman, Westlake, for exceptional leadership and innovation in effectively managing resources and services critical to achieving agency objectives and program milestones.

James J. Zakrajsek, Valley City, for exceptional leadership in promoting a creativity and innovation culture at Glenn Research Center, managing people and leading the Source Evaluation Board.

Outstanding Public Leadership Medal: Brian W. Rice, Avon, an employee of Sierra Lobo, Inc., for outstanding leadership in support of the test facilities and operations at NASA Glenn Research Center’s Lewis Field and Plum Brook Station.

Exceptional Service Medal:  Jeffrey S. Balser, Medina, for sustained outstanding service in advanced aircraft technology development through NASA research programs and collaboration with other government organizations.

Robert M. Button, Westlake, for exceptional service as an electrical engineer working to meet NASA’s mission requirements and goals.

Frederick W. Elliott, Brunswick, for sustained exceptional service on the Space Environmental Test project, Cryogenic Propellant Storage and Transfer project, and the Multi-Purpose Crew Vehicle program.

Patrick A. Iler, Akron, for exceptional service in managing initiatives that provide transparency to external stakeholders and advancing the reputation of the agency, thereby serving the NASA mission.

Eric S. Neumann, Valley City, for exceptional technical leadership and service in the management and operation of microgravity test facilities in support of NASA missions.

Kenneth M. O’Connor, Brunswick, for exceptional service in leading the Mishap Investigation Support Office and the NASA Safety Center and for invaluable contributions to the Safety and Mission Assurance community.

Calvin T. Ramos, Strongsville, for exceptional technical excellence and service in supporting the Aerospace Communications Competency workforce, projects and missions at NASA Glenn and the agency.

Andrew L. Reehorst, Strongsville, for sustained contributions and impact for improving aviation safety in the field of in-flight icing.

William R. Schoren, North Olmsted, for dedication and technical excellence in implementing system safety processes to ensure human safety, asset integrity and mission success for NASA programs and projects.

Exceptional Public Service Medal: Robert S. Arrighi, Brecksville, an employee of Wyle Information Systems, LLC., for exceptional achievement in documenting, preserving and promoting the rich history of NASA, its mission and its valuable historical cultural resources.

E. Allen Arrington, an employee of Sierra Lobo, Inc., for exceptional technical contributions to the nation’s wind tunnel testing community.

Exceptional Achievement Medal: Brett A. Bednarcyk, Medina, for exceptional contributions to the state of the art of efficient multiscale analysis of advanced composite materials and structures.

Konstantinos (Gus) S. Martzaklis, Jackson Township, for outstanding leadership in developing and delivering a comprehensive Strategic Action Plan for the Glenn Research Center.

Claudia M. Meyer, Brunswick, for exceptional achievement in formulating and executing the NASA Space Technology Research Grants Program and developing the next generation of space technologists.

Linda J. Moore, Aurora, for the exceptional achievement of developing agency-wide guidance for the development of programmable logic devices and complex electronics.

David S. Morgan, Akron, for exceptional achievement, dedication and technical excellence in establishing nondestructive evaluation techniques and solutions for heater heads on the Advanced Stirling Radioisotope Generator Project.

Vincent E. Satterwhite, Twinsburg, for exceptional achievement in the advocacy, development and leadership provided to the technician apprenticeship program.

Kathleen E. Schubert, Medina Township, for exceptional leadership resulting in a European-Space-Agency-provided Multi-Purpose Crew Vehicle Service Module implementing arrangement and successful completion of the European Space Agency Service Module System Requirements Review and Systems Definition Review.

Robert J. Shaw, Fairview Park, for the exceptionally successful promotion of the applicability of NASA’s technology to critical sectors of our nation’s economy.

Del R. Simonovich for outstanding leadership and innovation managing several complex, multiphase security projects and enhancements, which have elevated the center’s security posture.

Rodney L. Spence, North Ridgeville, for outstanding support to the Space Communications and Navigation program for interference analysis to assess potential impacts to NASA from proposed nationwide commercial broadband deployments.

Bryan W. Welch, Parma, for outstanding leadership and contributions to the Communications System Engineering and Antenna Pointing System efforts of the Space Communications and Navigation Testbed.

James P. Withrow, Hinckley, for outstanding achievement to integrate and manage NASA’s support to complete and verify the design of the Advanced Stirling Radioisotope Generator.

Exceptional Public Achievement Medal: James D. May, Avon, an employee of Alphaport, Inc., for outstanding contributions in advancing the effectiveness and impact of technical excellence for NASA Safety and Mission Assurance.

Vedha Nayagam, Strongsville, an employee of Case Western Reserve University, for exceptional achievements in droplet combustion phenomena and in reacting systems in reduced gravity for advanced life-support systems.

Dawn M. Vincej, Strongsville, an employee of DB Consulting Group, Inc., for exceptional commitment to NASA’s information technology community on multiple projects and initiatives.

Exceptional Engineering Achievement Medal: Patrick H. Dunlap, Strongsville, for exceptional engineering achievement in developing and demonstrating advanced environmental seal design for the international Low Impact Docking System.

Exceptional Scientific Achievement Medal: Rebecca A. MacKay, Strongsville, for pioneering insights into single-crystal nickel base superalloy behavior, leading to the development of new turbine blade alloys.

James L. Smialek, Strongsville, for advancing the understanding of failure mechanisms for thermal barrier coatings on turbine blades to enable more durable turbine blade coatings.

Exceptional Technology Achievement Medal: Colin S. Bidwell, for sustained leadership and successful development of the LEWICE3D Computational Fluid Dynamics code and technology transfer to external organizations.


Paul S. Greenberg, Cleveland Heights, for exceptional and innovative technology achievements and technology transfer in aerosol sensors and microgravity diagnostics and their profound impact on human exploration.

Robert A. Miller, Brecksville, for contributions to development of erosion-resistant thermal barrier coatings and methods to demonstrate their durability in laboratory-simulated turbine engine environments.

Exceptional Administrative Achievement Medal: Helen J. Kabak, North Royalton, for continuous and substantial improvements to the Center Operations Directorate administrative procedures, enabling senior leaders to excel in meeting NASA’s mission.

Lynne M. Wiersma, Westlake, for exceptional leadership and administrative services to the Glenn Research Center.

Early Career Achievement Medal: Adam E. Bihary, Avon Lake, for significant facilities project management and engineering contributions to fulfill the mission of the Glenn Research Center.

Brent G. Gardner, Westlake, for the development of systems, controls and components for the next generation of aerospace power systems necessary to meet NASA’s mission.

Daniel A. Herman, Avon, for outstanding early career performance and leadership in electric propulsion and strategic development and planning for NASA’s Solar Electric Propulsion Technology Demonstration Mission.

Heather K. Hickman, for exceptional contributions in the area of in-space propulsion on highly visible NASA programs.

John E. Hild, Strongsville, for outstanding achievement developing innovative security design improvements resulting in more efficient operations and significant cost savings for 22 construction projects.

Ra-Deon L. Kirkland, Seven Hills, for outstanding professional and personal achievements in contract support to NASA and Glenn projects and programs.

Ashley G. Murry, Cleveland, for developing innovative improvements to capital asset business processes and contributing to improvements in NASA’s accounting and financial analysis practices.

William D. Peters for exceptional dedication and technical excellence in providing materials, processes and risk management to the G-6 Flywheel and Flow Boiling and Condensation Experiments.

Vikram Shyam, Olmsted Township, for significant achievement and team leadership in the development of turbine heat transfer and Computational Fluid Dynamics technology.

Scientific and Professional Appointment: Christopher DellaCorte, Sharon Township, was appointed to the position of Senior Technologist, Tribology and Rotating Machinery, effective November 18, 2012.

Inventions and Contributions Board (ICB) Award – Exceptional ICB Award: Peter J. Bonacuse, Lakewood; Don J. Roth, Rocky River; Richard E. Martin, Brecksville, an employee of Cleveland State University; and Richard Rauser, Rocky River, an employee of The University of Toledo for CT-CURS: Novel Software Method for Computed Tomography (CT) Cylinder Data Unwrapping-Reslicing and Analysis, version 2.

Quang-Viet Nguyen for the Fully Premixed Low Emission, High Pressure Multi-Fuel Burner.

Mary Ann Meador, Strongsville, and Haiquan N. Guo, Avon, an employee of Ohio Aerospace Institute, for Polyimide Aerogels.

Sandi G. Miller for Polymer-Nanoparticle Composites with Improved Processability and Properties.

Forty-Year Service Award:

Michael T. Chornak, Brook Park

Diane L. Duly

Terrence B. Flowers, Cleveland

Mark E. Kilkenny, Shaker Heights

Peter F. Klein, Westlake

Michael A. Micham

Robert H. Pelaez

George W. Readus, Sagamore Hills

Donald J. Sawyer

Lynne M. Wiersma, Westlake

Forty-Five Year Service Award:

James A. DiCarlo

Fred J. Kohl, Fairview Park

Mack G. Thomas, Twinsburg

Fifty-Year Service Award:

John P. Gyekenyesi

Albert J. Juhasz, North Olmsted

Peter M. Sockol, University Heights

Edwin G. Wintucky, Willoughby

Sixty-Year Service Award:

Earl R. Hanes

Group Achievement Awards: Sixty-five members of Buildings 500 and 501 Clean-Up Team, for exceptional efforts in executing and expediting all actions associated with the closure and transfer of Buildings 500 and 501.

Ten members of the Crew Module Pallet Vibration Test Team, for outstanding achievement in successfully conducting the Multi-Purpose Crew Vehicle, Crew Service Module Project and Crew Module Pallet Vibration Test.

One hundred seventy-nine members of the Cryogenic Fluid Management Technology Maturation Team, for exceptional achievement in successfully maturing cryogenic fluid management technology for use on future agency missions involving cryogenic propulsion stages.

Thirty-three members of the Curiosity Education and Outreach Team, for exceptional development and execution of the Glenn Research Center Curiosity Education and Outreach Plan, which informed and engaged the public about the August 2012 Mars landing and mission.

Thirty-six members of the Glenn Creativity and Innovation Team, for outstanding effort in promoting, organizing and implementing a multifaceted initiative to enhance creativity and innovation culture within the Glenn Research Center.

Thirty members of the Glenn Research Center Collaborative Modeling for Parametric Assessment of Space Systems (COMPASS) Concurrent Engineering Design Team, for creating a Glenn Research Center capability of advanced space systems concept design, assessing space technology utilization and integrated vehicle analysis for challenging NASA missions.

Thirty-one members of the John Glenn’s 50th Anniversary Planning Team, for outstanding planning and coordination of an historic event celebrating the 50th anniversary of John Glenn’s orbital flight.

Seventeen members of the Mobile Cooling Tower Project Team, for the efforts of the Mobile Cooling Tower Project Team resulting in a significant reduction in water use and substantial avoidance of cost.

Eighty-six members of the Multi-Purpose Crew Vehicle Service Module Implementing Agreement Team, for outstanding efforts which led to the establishment of the NASA-European Space Agency implementing arrangement for the Multi-Purpose Crew Vehicle Service Module.

Thirty-four members of the NASA Glenn Special Journal Issue Team, for outstanding efforts in the publishing of a special issue of the Journal of Aerospace Engineering honoring the 70 years of research and technology at Glenn Research Center.

Fifteen members of the NASA Twin-Otter Airborne Sensor Development Team, for outstanding achievement conducting the modification and deployment of the NASA Twin-Otter aircraft, advancing airborne science capabilities within the agency.

Ten members of the Occupational Health Service Provider Research Team, for exceptional achievement in formulating and implementing an alternative and cost-effective approach for delivering quality medical services and wellness programs to Glenn Research Center.

Nineteen members of the Science and Engineering Promotion Process Improvement Team, for efforts in significantly improving the process for Dual Career Ladder promotions of Glenn Research Center scientists and engineers.

Seven members of the Space Technology Research Grants Group, for exceptional success in stimulating innovation and accelerating the development of promising technologies through novel research fellowships and early career opportunities.

Fifteen members of the Travel Request/Purchase Requisition Consolidation Team, for outstanding contributions to center efficiency in consolidating Travel Request and Purchase Requisition business practices into a single business unit.

Below are the Center Award recipients, their hometowns and the award citations from the ceremony program.

Federal Acquisition Certification For Program and Project Managers recognized Renato O. Colantonio, Brunswick; Ruben Del Rosario, Strongsville; and Kathleen E. Schubert, Medina Township, for satisfaction of NASA/Federation Aeronautique Internationale requirements for the Senior-Expert Level.

Johnson Space Center Director’s Commendation Award recognized Stephanie D. Wilson, for exceptional service as the chief of the International Space Station Integration Branch in the Astronaut Office.

The Abe Silverstein Medal was awarded to Mark G. Potapczuk of Bath Township, for outstanding contributions that have led to solutions toward increased aviation safety through development and distribution of icing simulation software and research in supercooled large droplet icing physics.

Daniel L. Dietrich, Westlake, for novel advancements in human pulmonary function measurement and for leadership in droplet combustion and spacecraft fire safety research.

The center’s most prestigious manufacturing award, the Craftsmanship Award, was bestowed to Timothy A. Dunlap, Strongsville, for the ingenious thermocouple solutions developed for the Flow Boiling and Condensation Experiment.

The center’s most prestigious engineering award, the Steven V. Szabo Engineering Excellence Award, was presented to the Demonstration Using Flattop Fissions Experiment Team: Marc A. Gibson, Medina; Maxwell H. Briggs, Cleveland Heights; Lee S. Mason, North Royalton; and James L. Sanzi, Olmsted Township, an employee of Vantage Partners, LLC. The team was recognized for achievement in demonstrating the feasibility of small space reactor power systems by successfully testing a Uranium-235 fission heat source with Stirling power conversion.

The Distinguished Publication Award was awarded to Raymond S. Castner, Strongsville, for Exhaust Nozzle Plume Effects on Sonic Boom.

The Diversity Leadership Award was awarded to Joseph W. Connolly, Cleveland, for strong leadership and advocacy for inclusion through mentoring and outreach to diverse communities and for encouraging interest and engagement in science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

The Protective Services Team received the Small Business Technical Team of the Year award for efforts to perform market research and discuss various teaming arrangements to set aside procurement to a service-disabled-veteran-owned small business. Team members included: Scott D. Haumesser; Brian S. Huth, North Olmsted; Erick N. Lupson, Fairview Park; Reinhold (Ron) Mohr, Solon; Teresa L. Monaco, Brook Park; Donald J. Ornick; Del R. Simonovich; and James S. Zakany, Brunswick.

Joan V. Haug, North Olmsted, was named Small Business Procurement Person of the Year for diligent efforts in performing extensive market research in order to set aside numerous simplified acquisition procurements for small business.

Teresa L. Monaco, Brook Park, was named Small Business Specialist of the Year for enthusiastic and unending support of and outreach to small businesses, enabling the center to meet its socioeconomic goals.

Sunpower Inc., of Athens Ohio was named Small Business Prime Contractor of the Year, for excellent performance, cost and schedule control in developing the Advanced Stirling Radioisotope Generator Engineering Unit and contributing to NASA’s mission objectives.

Jacobs Technology Inc., of Tullahoma, Tenn., was named Large Business Prime Contractor of the Year for success in actively partnering and subcontracting with small businesses. They meet or exceed their small business subcontracting goals and the goals are reasonable for the type of work performed.

Tri Models Inc., of Huntington Beach, Calif., was named Small Business Subcontractor of the Year for excellent work in providing mechanical design and fabrication services to comply with aerodynamic and low boom design requirements.

The Support Assistant/Clerical Award recognized civil service and contract support service assistants and clerical personnel for exceptional performance:

Dennie W. Gonia for exceptional service to the NASA Safety Center.

Brian R. Shefchuk, North Olmsted, for outstanding service to the Chief Engineer Office and the center.

Ethel L. McLaughlin, North Olmsted, for exceptional performance serving as Executive Support Assistant for the Research and Technology Directorate and demonstrating outstanding initiative in all assignments.

Patricia A. Michalski, North Ridgeville, an employee of SGT Inc., for commitment to the success of customers, initiative to streamline processes and the fostering of a team-oriented atmosphere within the Logistics and Technical Information Division.

Ruthann A. Parise, an employee of SGT Inc., for excellent logistics and coordination skills for customers to quickly respond to mishap investigations and audits in support of the NASA Safety Center.

Andrea M. Popiel, Sheffield Village, an employee of SGT Inc., for exceptional administrative support and acquiring subject matter knowledge and computer skills in order to assume additional responsibilities for the Thermal Energy Conversion Branch.

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