Crocker Park Store Scammed for $12 Grand

Westlake Police logoA Crocker Park Blvd. store is out $12,000 after a credit card fraud on Jan. 21 A black female suspect’s Discover card was declined to purchase the 207 clothing items; she then pretended to call Discover and obtain the OK to complete the sale, according to Westlake Police. The clerk also spoke to an unidentified person on the suspect’s phone who gave the OK. The fraud was discovered the next day when the store’s corporate HQ found that the account number did not exist.


Drug Store Scams Attempted
A series of transactions at a Center Ridge Rd. drug store on Jan. 22 raised the suspicions of staff. A black male bought $514 worth of gifts cards with an American Express card in two separate purchases. A second black male tried to buy $484 worth of gifts cards; the clerk noticed that the card’s account number did not match the account number printed on the receipt, at which point the suspect left with the first male in a white Mitsubishi Lancer bearing NY license plates. The same duo recently did the same thing at another store in the same chain.