Not on the Menu: Naked Man Runs Through Westlake Diner

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Any diners in a Columbia Rd. restaurant were put off their feed on Feb. 7 at 10:24 p.m. when a naked male wearing a paper bag on his head ran through the building and escaped in a silver Honda Civic. And in this weather!

He and his driver were not located, report Westlake Police.

To quote David Niven on the occasion of a streaker at the 1974 Academy awards, “It’s fascinating to think that probably the only laugh that man will ever get in his life is by stripping off and showing his shortcomings.”

Storm Inventory


From 5 PM Feb. 5 until 8:30 PM on Feb. 6, Westlake Police assisted with 27 disabled vehicles, 6 spinouts, and 2 accidents.


Transaction Switch


On Feb. 8, Avon PD reported that a male they had arrested for a theft offense had admitted making a false return to a Westlake store on Feb. 2. The 31-year-old North Ridgeville man admitted buying a $539 blender at a Detroit Rd. store in Westlake, then putting a cheaper used blender in the box and returning it for a full refund. The Westlake store staff recalled the transactions and the suspect was arrested for Petty Theft.




A 21-year-old Westlake man was arrested for DCI, RSP, and Trespass on Feb. 3 after being seen looking into cars at 4:42AM on Savannah Pkwy. A wallet and IPad taken from one of those vehicles was recovered on the front stoop of a residence. A second suspect (20-year-old North Ridgeville man) ran from officers, but came forward on Feb. 5. The investigation continues.



A Sturbridge Ln. man was notified by Discover Card that someone tried to get a credit card issued in his name on Feb. 3. Attempts by WPD to contact Discover’s fraud department have not been successful.


Lock Your Door

A $179.00 portable generator was taken from a Balsam Dr. garage on the afternoon of Feb. 3. The owner suspects two males with whom he had an earlier dispute over car repairs.



$440 cash belonging to a North Ridgeville woman was taken from her Center Ridge Rd. office on Feb. 3. It was taken from a cabinet where she stored her purse; no suspects.

A Center Ridge Rd. church employee reported that her purse was taken from under her desk on Feb. 3 between 6:30PM-8:30PM. It was turned into the Elyria PD the next day sans credit cards, cash, and a blank check. The credit cards were used several times at gas stations between Amherst and Cleveland; attempts to use them to withdraw cash from ATMs failed.


Boyfriend Scuffle

An argument between a 46-year-old Lakewood woman and a 37-year-old Avon Lakewoman occurred Feb. 4 at 9:53PM in the parking lot of the Holiday Inn. They argued over the younger woman’s boyfriend. The older woman was arrested for Obstructing Official Business;  a Menacing warrant was obtained the next day when audio evidence of the older woman threatening to kill the boyfriend was obtained.



An alarm company notified WPD of a drop at a Center Ridge Rd. business on Feb. 5 at 1:18AM. Responding officers found that front door glass had been broken in an unsuccessful attempt to enter. CCTV shows that a white Jeep Liberty or Patriot was involved, as were two suspects. Their race and sex cannot be determined.



While at a Briarwood Dr. home’s Super Bowl party on Feb. 2, a Rocky River man’s wallet was taken from his coat pocket. It contained cash, credit, debit, and gift cards. On Feb. 5, he learned of a possible suspect and reported the matter to WPD.


A 2001 Ford Focus with accident damage was discovered in a Clemens Rd. lot on Feb. 6 at 12:25AM. It was found to have been reported stolen in Cleveland on Feb. 4; it was subsequently towed and the owner contacted.

A Langale Rd. man found a hole burned in the seat of his 2010 Kia on Feb. 6 at 8:25AM. The car doors had been left unlocked. No suspects.


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