Bay Police Warn Against ‘Distraction Burglaries’

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With the arrival of warmer weather, Bay Village Police would like to remind residents about distraction burglaries.

A distraction burglary occurs when residents are lured out of their home or contacted outside by an individual posing as some type of official contractor or utility worker.

The “contractor” will ask the resident to either exit the house or go into the basement to check on some “issue.”

Past claims have included:

-Their need to borrow water from the basement; they are from a roofing company and need to check the roof under warranty;

-They just moved into the neighborhood and would like to check the property lines;

-They are from a utility company and need to check the water (or electric or gas).

They are often speaking on a walkie-talkie or cell phone while in contact with the resident.  While the resident is distracted, a second individual enters the home and typically targets the bedroom to steal money, jewelry and drugs.

Bay Police have seen a number of these “distraction burglaries” in Bay Village and the surrounding communities in recent years.

The elderly population is often targeted for these types of crimes.  Bay Police encourage  older residents to never let anyone in their home unless they have been previously contacted for an appointment.

Utility companies will never ask to come into your house or demand that you exit the house to assist them.

If anyone arrives unsolicited and pressures an elderly person to enter the home or have them exit the home, the homeowner should lock the doors and immediately call the police.

If it can be done safely from your secured home, attempt to get a vehicle description and direction of travel.  Bay Village Police would be more than happy to assist in confirming if someone at your house is on legitimate business.  If you will be working out in your back yard, please lock the front or side door entries to your home.

Please contact the Bay Village Police Department at 440-871-1234 if you have any questions.

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