Village Foundation Plaque Dedication, 2014

Pat Matyas with the plaque honoring her late husband, John.

Pat Matyas with the plaque honoring her late husband, John.

The Village Foundation hosted its annual ceremony to install and dedicate a permanent bronze plaque honoring The John Harknett Family and a plaque memorializing the life of John Matyas, by his family, on Memorial Day on the north side of Cahoon Park.

Program chairman, Gary Heldt and TV personality Jon Loufman welcomed guests. Special honorees for 2014 are the late John Matyas, and John Harknett and family. “Today, we are honoring two special families who have demonstrated a love for each other, for their family and for this community in many ways,” said Village Foundation President Eileen Vernon.

Three deserving Bay High students were awarded scholarships and several volunteer groups received grants.

Village Foundation Scholarship recipients are: Elizabeth Auckley, Colleen Kowalski and Baylee White.

This year’s grant recipients are: The Bay Village Police Dept. Bike Patrol, The Village Project Cancer Assistance Program, Huntington Playhouse, The Knickerbocker Senior Apartments, Fashion Forward (an assistance program for families in need of clothing), and Game On (a local Autism Spectrum Disorder program).

The Village Foundation plaque program was established as a way for families and friends to give enduring recognition to Bay citizens in one central place.  2015, the 20th anniversary of the founding of The Bay Village Foundation, would be an excellent time to honor family or friends with a permanent bronze plaque.

“When we place a bronze plaque on the T. Richard Martin Bridge, that person is remembered every Memorial Day thereafter,” said Village Foundation President Eileen Vernon.

For more Information about The Village Foundation, the grant application process or contributions towards a plaque please call 440- 899-3490.  Applications for scholarships and guidelines for proposals are available at

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