Mother/Daughter Caregivers Share Wedding Joy

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WeddingWeddings are traditionally shared with the bride and groom’s family and friends. But a mother/daughter caregiver team made a last quick stop to Arden Courts Memory Care Community in Westlake to share their joy with their residents.

Michelle and Brittany Yereb have been caregivers at Arden Courts for over three years and consider their residents part of their extended family.  “The residents have been hearing about the wedding since Brittany and DJ became engaged.  We just had to stop by and let them all see her in her dress” said proud mom Michelle.

“Arden Courts has a very family friendly atmosphere.” said Reggie Rock, Executive Director.  “Having mother/ daughter caregiver teams is not usual, nor is having our caregivers feel like their residents are like family.”

Back in January of 2011, Mom Michelle came to work at Arden Courts as a caregiver to residents with memory loss and only 8 months later Brittany joined her.  Working in this type of environment staff becomes very close to the residents and their families.  They share in their triumphs and sorrows.  This was exemplified when Brittany and her boyfriend became engaged a little over a year later as the residents celebrated with her.

Only a half an hour before Brittany was to be married, she and her caregiver mom stopped by Arden Courts to let everyone see them dressed and ready to go.  “The residents loved seeing my dress.” said Brittany.  “Many had seen pictures of it, but it’s not the same as in person. They just lit up when they saw me.  It made their day and mine!”

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