Fairview Park Police: He’ll Have to Deal with Mom

Fairview Park Police 1387552968A young scooter thief will have to deal with mom, report Fairview Park Police.

A Fairview Park youth left the Gemini Recreation Center on Oct. 9  and found his scooter missing from where he had left it. An officer reviewed surveillance video and was able to identify the juvenile who took it. Follow up resulted in the recovery and return of the scooter to the owner. The mother of the victim was satisfied with getting the property back and the other parent handling the issue with the culprit. Looks like he’ll have to deal with mom!

Eggs Fly at Giant Eagle

A patron of the Fairview Park Giant Eagle, 21593 Lorain Rd, had words with another patron who had parked such as to take up two parking spaces last week, When the first patron returned to her car later, she found it had been egged. Officers will be checking to see if video will identify the other car/patron.


A resident of Fairlawn Circle Apartments returned home to find her home had been burglarized.A window was forced to gain entry. A neighbor had seen two males around 3pm who left in a red station wagon type vehicle with a luggage rack, possibly a Ford Taurus. The apartment was gone through but it did not appear anything was missing.

Stolen Vehicle

A car repair shop in the 18900 block of Lorain Rd called to report a car missing from the lot. The vehicle had been towed there for repairs in late September, last seen on October 6th. Now, the 1997 Buick, which was undriveable, is missing from the lot. The owner made a report certifying the car was stolen, report taken, no suspects at time of report.

Theft from Auto

Three residents in the 4600-4800 blocks of W 227 St reported their vehicles entered overnight. The vehicles had been left unlocked. North Olmsted PD also had several thefts and had made arrests, some property from the Fairview Park thefts was recovered.

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