Fairview Students Investigated for Stolen Property

fairview police

Fairivew Park Police report that officers were sent to the high school on Oct. 17 on a report of possible stolen merchandise having been recovered by the principal. Information of the stolen property had been given to him a parent. Investigation revealed at least three 15 year old students were involved. Items would be stolen from local stores and offered for sale. Several electronics items were recovered. Investigation is continuing at this time, including viewing video footage of thefts.

War Games Alarm Residents

A resident of Coffinberry Blvd reports several suspicious vehicles in the old school lot on the field on Oct. 25. Officers arrived and ascertained it was a group of military re-enactors parked on the old blacktop area engaged in a reenactment. Advised of proper place to park and to let the PD know of their activities in the future to avoid alarming the residents of the area.

Criminal Damaging/Criminal Trespass

Police were called to an apartment in the 20300 block of Lorain Rd on a report of a break in on Oct. 17. The tenant reported someone entered her apartment and had sliced her couch and numerous items of clothing. She suspected her ex-boyfriend who has been harassing her recently both at home and at work. While getting information from the victim, the suspect called her phone, and while on speakerphone, admitted to the damage, apologized, and offered to pay for the damaged items. He also had called the police department and advised the desk officer of his responsibility. He is to be charged with Criminal Damage and Criminal

Trespass. The apartment manager also indicated he is no longer allowed on the property and they are willing to charge him with Criminal Trespass if he shows up there.


Police were called to Reggie’s Saloon, 22830 Lorain Rd on a disturbance on Oct. 18. Upon arrival officers heard yelling and found several patrons holding a male down on the ground. A 43 year old North Olmsted man was intoxicated and had been making unwanted advances on women and picking fights with other patrons. A friend tried getting him to leave, and the subject started physically fighting him. That is when the other patrons stepped in. The subject was arrested for Disorderly Conduct: Intoxication and held till


Police were called to a home in the 19300 block of Lorain Rd von a reported burglary Oct. 21. The caretaker of the home reported forced entry to a rear window. The only items known to be taken were some bottles of liquor. Information was obtained about possible suspects and officers will be investigating further.

Public Intoxication

Police were called to the 21700 block of Cromwell Ave on a report of a male slumped over the wheel of a car on Oct. 23. Upon arrival, the male was located as reported and officers had a difficult time awakening him. He appeared highly intoxicated. Two relatives showed up but both refused to accept responsibility for him due to his habitual drunkenness. The 30 year old Fairview Park resident was arrested for Public Intoxication and held until sober. He claimed he was not intoxicated, but when his alcohol level was checked with a portable breath analyzer, he registered a .215 BAC.


A W 228 St resident reported being the victim of a scam. She received a call purportedly from Verizon saying a payment did not go through on her account. She gave credit card information to the caller to settle the account, later finding out it was not Verizon calling. Close to $1000 in charges were subsequently made to her credit card. At least one other Fairview resident reported receiving a similar call, but did not fall for the ploy.

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