Westlake Police: Driver Alters Plates with Magic Marker

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Altering your license plates with magic marker will not magically keep you out of trouble!

Westlake Police stopped a driver last week who had use Magic Marker to change the expiration date on his license plate. This becomes patently obvious once you are stopped for a traffic violation. The 30-year-old Oberlin man found this out on Oct. 26 at 10:29 PM on I-90. The cascade of ill fortune was just beginning for him as his driver’s license was also suspended, the plates belonged on another car, and his pot pipe was found in the passenger compartment. He was cited for Driving Under Suspension, Expired and Fict. License Plates, and Possession of Drug Paraphernalia.

Mystery Car

A 28-year-old Westlake man stopped to enjoy some carryout supper at a Detroit Rd. restaurant on Oct. 27. It seemed prudent for him to leave the keys to his rented Nissan Altima in the center console along with his cellphone. Imagine his chagrin when he reported that both had been stolen. Imagine his further chagrin when a review of the restaurant CCTV did not show the vehicle ever being in the parking lot or the driver ever entering the restaurant. The investigation continues.

More Bum Plates

Bum plates again proved to be the undoing of a 31-year-old Lorain man. They were expired for 3 years when he was stopped on I-90 at 5:52PM on Oct. 29. The driver had a very complicated tale to tell about how the vehicle is his sister’s but he is buying it from her on payments, yet it is titled to his mom in Michigan. The plates are on a Toyota Corolla but belong on a Chevrolet owned by another Lorain woman. Uh huh; Mr. Glib had no idea how a stolen MI handicap license plate ended up in the trunk. He was arrested for RSP and cited for Expired and Fict. License Plates.


Scrap metal was stolen twice from a First St. business’s dumpster on Sundays in Oct. The quantity is unknown.

A 55-year-old Painesville man was arrested for DCI on Oct. 28 at 9:27PM. He had been wandering around the Sperry Dr. area. He had a bottle of vodka with him and requested that he be allowed to polish it off before the officer dumped it out.

The power cord to a GPS was taken from a Sperrys Forge Trl. man’s unlocked Chevrolet Equinox on the night of Oct. 28. He let his dog out around 11PM and Fido was acting strangely. He discovered the theft and reported it the next evening.



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