Westlake Panini’s Last Drunks: Please Turn Out the Lights

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The now-closed Panini’s restaurant on Detroit Rd. certainly went out with a bang, report Westlake Police.  A 40-year-old Rocky River woman was asked to leave at 9:25 PM on Dec. 5 after annoying other patrons. She was stopped on Clague Rd. and arrested for OVI, then put up a fight. She kicked one officer twice, and so added Resisting Arrest and Assault to her issues. She refused a breath test.

At 9:57 PM on Dec. 6, a fight was reported between two groups of patrons. Things had calmed down when officers arrived, but one intoxicated 47-year-old Westlake man (described as the main problem by staffers) refused to ID himself and was arrested for DCI.

And lastly at 12:21AM on Dec.7, staff asked for help in getting a 34-year old male out of the place. He was given a ride to a nearby gas station where a cab picked him up.

Will someone please turn out the lights?

Fashion Statement

An intoxicated 51-year-old Westlake man was found wearing his jacket upside down and backwards on Dec. 5 at 2:14 AM. He had been stumbling along Center Ridge Rd., nearly falling into traffic. He was arrested for DCI.

Miscellaneous Mayhem

On Dec. 5, a Westwood Rd. woman (who has been the victim of ID theft previously) reported receiving phone calls from a payday loan firm about a loan she had supposedly taken out. After a call to the company from her lawyer and a WPD officer, the company agreed to stop bothering the victim.

Parking his car where it doesn’t belong was the undoing of a 16-year-old male student at the High School on Dec. 5. His parking pass was also expired. Staffers noted marijuana and a pot pipe when they checked on the vehicle. The juvenile was cited for Possession of Marijuana and Drug Paraphernalia and was released to his mom.

An intoxicated 31-year old woman awakened a Saddlebrook Ln. man by pounding on his door at 1:04AM on Dec. 6. She was trying to find her boyfriend’s apartment, but was unsuccessful. She could not articulate the correct address or phone number, and so was arrested for DCI.

A bald black or Hispanic male was seen looking in the window of a Hunters Chase Dr. apartment on Dec. 6 at 3:05AM. The resident screamed and the suspect ran off; the victim’s sliding patio door was also found ajar. A cigarette butt left at the scene was taken as evidence.

An unlocked 2001 Ford station wagon had a radio/CD player taken out of it while it was parked at the owner’s Cinnamon Way home on the night of Dec. 7.

A Walter Rd. man’s garage was entered through the unlocked man door sometime Dec. 5-8 and power tools worth $685 were taken. The empty tools cases were found in the next door neighbor’s yard.

2 pair of sunglasses worth $485 were stolen from a Crocker Park Blvd. store on Dec. 8 at 3:20PM. The male suspect put them inside his coat and left.

A Parma man’s 2000 Honda Civic was stolen from his Clemens Rd. workplace on Dec. 9 at 7:30AM. A vehicle stolen from North Olmsted was located nearby. NOPD handled the recovery of that car. The Parma man’s car was recovered by Brooklyn PD at 5:05PM that same day.

A 16-year-old Amherst girl took jewelry worth $73 from a Detroit Rd. store on Dec. 9 at 2PM. She was detained by store security and turned over to her mom. She will be filed on for Petty Theft in Juvenile Ct.

A 1993 Honda Del Sol was stolen from the parking lot of the owner’s Westford Cr. residence on the night of Dec. 9.


An attempt was made to steal a 2003 Ford pickup from a Sharon Dr. business on the night of Dec. 9. The door and ignition locks were damaged. The owner is checking his CCTV system in case the incident was recorded.


A Thompson man’s 2013 Jeep Wrangler had a tire slashed while it was parked at his workplace on Crocker Rd. He suspects subordinates that he had previously disciplined for workplace rule violations. The damage occurred on the afternoon of Dec. 10.




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