High on Angel Dust: Woman Looks for Aliens on I-90 in Westlake

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A 31-year-old Lakewood woman high on PCP stopped her 2008 Honda Civic in the fast lane of I-90 westbound at 2:45 p.m. on May 10. She climbed onto the roof and screamed, and then ran when Rocky River and Westlake police officers arrived. She was corralled with the assistance of a Good Samaritan passerby before she got run over.  A Cleveland man also stopped at the scene and stated that she had rear-ended him shortly beforehand. He was uninjured and no damage was done to his car. A hypo was found in the trunk. Both the driver and lethargic passenger (32-year-old Cleveland woman) were transported to St. John Medical Center for treatment, as both had been smoking cigarettes laced with PCP.

At the hospital, the driver pulled her IV out and licked her own blood off her fingers. She was cited for OVI, Parking on a Highway, Possession of Drug Abuse Instruments, and Drug Possession (Rx pills). The passenger was cited for DCI. When asked, the driver said she stood on the car’s roof to commune with aliens who would make her queen of the world.

Purse Thief Nabbed at Crocker Park

A 12-year-old Avon Lake girl’s purse was stolen by a 31-year-old Lakewood man at the Regal Theater on May 9 at 9:06 PM. She set it down in a hallway to take a picture; he picked it and disappeared. He was spotted again outside around 10PM and was arrested for Petty Theft. The purse (minus $50 cash) was recovered.

Sock Drawer Rifled

$6300 was taken from a Center Ridge Rd. man’s sock drawer sometime in the week preceding May 12. His live-in girlfriend’s juvenile sons deny any involvement. The girlfriend referred the officer to her family counselor; she also said she would speak with the officer herself on May 16.

Cash Drawer Swiped

A 26-year-old Westlake man came to his Detroit Rd. job late, left early, and took the contents of his cash register (around $690) with him on May13. He turned himself in for Petty Theft the next day. He pled guilty on May 15 and was taken to the County Jail to serve a 90 day sentence.

Counterfeit Travelers Checks

A Main St. store accepted $600 worth of counterfeit travelers’ checks for merchandise on May 13. An employee copied the ID of the female who passed them and later discovered that they were worthless.

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