Bal Ingénieux 2015 – A Totally Unique Experience

A costume party FOR the whole Cleveland Creative Community to take to heart

A costume party FOR the whole Cleveland Creative Community to take to heart

Ingenuity Cleveland presented its 4th annual Bal Ingenieux May 16. It was a totally unique experience blending arts, music and creativity celebrating CLE.

“This fundraising event could not have been such a success without our wonderful sponsors and community partners,” said Ingenuity Program Director Emily Appelbaum.

This year, Bal Ingénieux selected the rustic K&P Photo Group’s studio warehouse as its new location. The Kalman & Pabst Photo Group is located at 3907 Perkins Avenue, Cleveland, and offered a distinctive venue. It made for great photo opps, music, dancing, gourmet delights and sophisticated fun.

The Bal Ingénieux celebrates the infamous Kokoon Arts Club parties from the early 20th century with a 21st century twist.

With dinner, dancing, performances and more, guests came expecting the unexpected.  And they dressed to impress because, while costumes were not required, they made for lots more fun.

Local jazz legend Ernie Krivda

Local jazz legend Ernie Krivda

Entertainment headliners were terrific Ernie Krivda, now in his fifth decade as a jazz performer, delivered traditional jazz standards while Secret Soul Club offered a mix of soul, R&B and garage rock music. And the CWRU Swing Club and Cleveland Tango School added to the mix, as did Cirque Ingénieux and more. Hallmark performances were turned in by Alexandra Huntingdon, the nom de plume of dynamic singer, songwriter, and performance-artist, Megan Elk. Her jazz and blues drenched original songs call to mind the early 20th century, while the scathingly subversive content of her lyricism is entirely modern day.Ever the show-woman, Miss Huntingdon’s performances were marked by her passion for both grand avant-garde couture and audience participation.

Bal Ingenieux 2015: A great night in support of IngenuityFest, held each fall.

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