The Normandy Presents “All About Drones”


Matt Mishak

Drones – they are the unmanned aircraft that will change the world!

One of these news-making quadcopters recently caused a sensation when it accidentally landed on the White House Lawn in March.

According to Lorain County drone expert Matt Mishak, these technological marvels are “Smartphones that can fly.”

And, rather than be afraid of them, drones should be embraced as part of the technology of future.

Mishak shared a drone presentation with residents of The Normandy Senior Apartments in Rocky River May 13.

DSC_1302-26The audience sat spellbound as Mishak joined with associate Mike Hanna of Dronewerx, an Elyria company. They demonstrated a variety of these unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). Some were small as quarters that could fit in the palm of a hand, while others were large enough to sound like a hive of bees buzzing over The Normandy dining room.

Today, said Mishak – an Elyria city prosecutor by profession – drones are mostly recreational. But he sees them as part of an emergent industry – one that could reinvent the Lorain County economy as part of a new industrial revolution.

“Technology companies are the gazelles of the small business world,” said Mishak. “And aerospace brings a niche advantage. Drones can replace dangerous jobs, dull jobs and dirty jobs with remote expediency.”

Drones, he said, follow the evolutionary path of more traditional remote control flight. The first drone was invented in Ohio in 1918 with a single engine bi-plane. They can also be as sophisticated as a Northrup Grumman Q-47B fighter/bomber.

Today’s drones are unique because of their multirotor construction. With eyes in the sky, drones can be controlled by ground stations and offer huge potential in law enforcement, mapping, medical package delivery, high level flight and a variety of commercial opportunities.

Mishak foresees drones growing into a $96 billion industry in the next 8 years with the potential to create 125,000 jobs nationally,

Dronewerx is headquarters to Lorain County drone interests. It is located at 44050 Russia Road near the Lorain County airport.

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