Community West Foundation: Homelessness/Housing Programs Offer the Gift of Hope

Community West Logo_RGBThe road back to independence and self-sufficiency from homelessness is a very difficult one. Luckily we have a number of agencies in our community that support people that are making that difficult journey. One of the most impressive is Community Service Alliance, which is comprised of Procop House, Fulton House, and Sandy’s House. Together, these three homes serve over 40 men and help them address both their short and long term needs as they emerge from homelessness.

Tim Gleason, Executive Director, and James Johnson, Program Manager at Community Service Alliance, work with great dedication and compassion in serving these men and, as a result, they make a tremendous impact every day.

A very thorough program implemented in these homes addresses the health, well being, and spiritual needs as these men work hard to learn new job skills and gain employment.

We were moved by clients’ stories and their extraordinary resilience and determination. The hope and the self-worth these men found through the programs at Fulton House have changed their lives.

We were moved by clients’ stories and their extraordinary resilience and determination. The hope and the self-worth these men found through the programs at Fulton House have changed their lives.

Since Community Service Alliance began nearly 10 years ago, they have helped more than 900 men move on to permanent independent housing and some form of employment. Continuing its mission with responding to the needs of the men, Fulton House is specifically for our Veterans, with programs helping to address their unique needs.

Many of the men have experienced obstacles and hardships along the way, but often regain hope when they see staff members are genuinely interested in helping them to succeed, as is the case at Community Service Alliance. It is truly a place that is welcoming for these men to share their hopes, challenges, and dreams for a better future.

Even though our economy is rebounding, until employment does the same, homelessness will persist. As a result, the newest housing site, Sandy’s House, (named in honor of well-known Community Service Alliance supporter Sandy Sullivan), addresses the fact that we have an employment crisis in our area, and some of the men might not be able to find employment as quickly as we would hope. Sandy’s House offers stable longer term accommodations, as the men continue to make the transition to regain their independence and rightful place in our community.

The continued success of Community Service Alliance reflects both the need that they address in the community and also reflects the high quality of the programs they provide. We believe in the excellence of this agency’s work and, most importantly, we believe in the men emerging from these programs and have provided a grant of $42,500.00. Learn more about how you can lend your support to Community Service Alliance at

Community West Foundation supports a number of agencies that provide shelter and support for our homeless population, including Lutheran Metropolitan Ministry, Providence House, Transitional Housing for Women, Joseph’s Home, The Metanoia Project, Family Promise of Greater Cleveland, Cleveland Mediation Center/Homeless Prevention, Northeast Ohio Coalition for the Homeless, and the City Mission.

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CWF 2014 AnnualReportCommunity West Foundation’s 2014 Annual Report is out!

A big THANK YOU to everyone who gave with us last year. The uphill climb towards eliminating hunger and homelessness in the Cleveland area is nowhere close to over, but we can take this moment to recognize our past achievements.

Last year, Community West Foundation received $3.5 million in donations, thanks to the tremendous generosity of donors like YOU! Here’s a look at who your money has helped in the past year and beyond:‪#‎CLE‬‪#‎GiveBack‬


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