LBMS Team Ranks 3rd in Ohio in Math Contest

A Lee Burneson Middle School team ranks third in the state and first in the region on the Ohio Math League Contest.

Akshya Dhinakaran placed first in the region and third in the state individually, and Angela Zhu places second in the region and ninth in the state. Other top team scores were earned by Ella Gray, Chad Sarget, Meghana Tandon and Talia Zheng.

A seventh-grade team took eighth place in Ohio out of 60 districts, with strong scores by Richard Garber, Ben Routhier, Charlie Floyd, Lauren Paulson and Bryana Beiber. Richard and Ben both made the Top 30 individual lit for Ohio.

LBMS math teachers are Michael Bee, Lindsay Kiktavy, Sue Laposky, Mary Mann, Heather Marinelli and Michael Wooley. The LBMS Math Club advisor is gifted specialist Anne Dill.

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