Crocker Park: Joyrider Takes Golf Cart in BMW Land

You’d think a joyrider at Crocker Park could do better than to heist a Golf Cart in the land of the Mercedes Benz, Lexus and BMW.111147

Not so for 26-year old Michael J. Taylor of Avon Lake. Police say he swiped a bunker buggy and drove it down a delivery driveway, right past security guards at 12:03 this a.m.

Westlake Police responded to the report of the Midnight Rider. They located Taylor nearby on Detroit Road carrying a Crocker Park jacket. He had the golf cart key in his pocket, report Police.

The golf cart was found on Cedarwood Drive undamaged. It was returned to security guards.


Golf Cart Swiped in BMW Land

Despite Taylor’s modesty in allegedly swiping a humble golf cart, he is still facing the same headaches that come with hijacking a Hummer, Grand Theft Motor Vehicle. 

He is also facing a charge of petty theft for the jacket. Taylor was booked into City Jail.

Any similarities between this incident and the 1970 Allman Brothers classic, “Midnight Rider,” are purely coincidental, report Police. “And I’m Bound to Keep on Ridin…”Westlake Police logo

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