Bay Village’s Presidential Chef Presents Official Gingerbread White House

Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur (OH-9) expressed her warm enthusiasm after meeting White House Executive Pastry Chef Susan E. Morrison of Bay Village at the annual White House Congressional Ball on Dec. 7.


Rep. Kaptur celebrates with Bay Village’s own Susan E. Morrison, White House Executive Pastry Chef, in front of the official 2015 gingerbread White House along with Karen Harris, a member of the Rep. Kaptur Ohio Congressional team. The gingerbread house can be seen at the rear of the photo.

Chef Morrison currently oversees the White House pastry kitchen, which is responsible for creating the annual ginger bread recreation of the White House. Covered in dark chocolate, this year’s gingerbread White House is a unique addition to the lineage of this holiday tradition. It reportedly consists of  250 pounds of gingerbread, 150 pounds of chocolate and 75 pounds of sugar. It weighs in at 500 pounds.

“It was an honor and a delight to meet Chef Susan Morrison last night and see her extraordinary ginger bread White House,”Rep. Kaptur said. “Chef Morrison sets a wonderful example for the young people of Northern Ohio. Her success shows how much the people of our region can achieve when we have the passion, creativity and work ethic needed to follow our dreams.  And her ginger bread White House is a sight to see. On behalf of the Ohio delegation in Congress and the people of Ohio’s 9th Congressional District, please allow me to express my heartfelt congratulations to Chef Morrison for her exemplary achievements.”

Chef Susan E. “Susie” Morrison was announced as the new White House Executive Pastry Chef, the first woman ever to serve in the role, in November of last year. Her responsibilities include overseeing day to day operation of the White House pastry kitchen as well as creating and executing dessert menus for all social events at the White House including receptions, luncheons, and state dinners. Chef Morrison also tends the White House bee hive and supports the White House Kitchen Garden.

Here is CNN coverage that includes Chef Morrison:

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