Mona Lisa Eco Spa’lon: Rediscovering Your Natural Beauty

Mona Lisa Spalon Logo_RGB-WideLike its namesake, Mona Hirst’s new Mona Lisa Eco Spa’lon, in Avon Lake, is a breathtaking work of art. But hers comes with a funky, vintage, Euro-chic vibe. Mona has taken her 23 years of hair styling experience and wrapped it around an environment that throws stuffiness and pretention right out the window. She’s also drawn from her European heritage, her artistic side, and her love of nature.

The goal? To help every woman who walks through her doors rediscover the natural beauty hiding within. “This is a place you can come feel sexy, feel pretty, and to find yourself again. It’s all about understated glamour,” Mona says with her trademark exuberance. “I take the “personality” of the hair into consideration before I ever pick up the scissors.”


Mona Hirst

Mona attributes her distinctive talent to her training abroad. She regularly travels overseas to train with top stylists on new techniques. It’s also where she picked up her exclusive spa tricks, like using everyday grocery items to create flawless skin. Mona says, “In Europe, spa treatments are considered a necessary therapy. They’re utilized for the optimal health of the mind, body and soul. I want to create that feeling here.’’

Mona Lisa’s mission is to educate their client as well as the community on the value and importance of health and wellness while providing the services that ensure you live a long, healthy, and happy life. We host health and wellness events and fundraisers to give people a great reason to get out, mingle and support local organizations.

The Mona Lisa Eco Spa’lon not only provides a clean air environment for their customers, but the products we use are natural. The consultation really ensures that we get to know the client, focus on their needs, and provide them with a memorable experience they have never had. We seal our services with a hug and smile!”

Our next ladies night will be April 15th from 6 to 9. All are welcome.

Mona Lisa Eco Spalon is located in the old Avon Lake Theater at 33487 Lake Rd, Avon Lake OH 44012.

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3-3-16 Mona Lisa Spalon

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