Bay Library/Metroparks Talks Show Porter Creek Drive Relocation, Eliminating Wooded Areas Near Wolf Road

The plan in a presentation piece outlining a move by the Bay Village Branch of the Cuyahoga County Library to Huntington Reservation in The Cleveland Metroparks indicates relocating Porter Creek Drive and eliminating wooded areas near Wolf Road.

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The Plan was part of the Cleveland Metroparks and Cuyahoga County Public Library Partnership Discussion that took place on March 24.

The plan shows a relocation of Porter Creek Drive to a point east of the existing Metroparks Wolf Road entrance. The current entry point at the Lake Erie Nature and Science Center is shown as a future cul-de-sac.

Potential building locations for a new library are indicated within currently wooded/recreational and naturalized areas along Wolf Road.

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Cleveland Metroparks 2020: The Emerald Necklace Centennial Plan for Huntington Reservation reflects a vision to “strengthen affiliate use areas into a comprehensive campus with integrated trails and outdoor activity areas including significant beach, circulation and operational enhancements.”

Cuyahoga County Public Library buildings on public land is a common model, says the report. 16 branches are buildings and property that are owned by a city or the school district – this is the case in Bay Village currently.

The report cites an online survey as a resource for initial Bay Community Feedback for library needs in the community.Work Session - Huntington-1

The survey shows:

  • The Library Collection ranked highest in importance to Bay residents (66+ per cent);
  • Children’s programming, community meeting rooms and quiet study space were tied for second (35-32 per cent).
  • 56 per cent think a new branch in Bay is ‘good option.’ 30 per cent have no opinion. 12 per cent think it’s a bad idea.
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