Call 811 Before You Dig

811-logo811 is a campaign that urges contractors, homeowners or anyone who is planning a digging project to call 811 two business days in advance to have a representative come to their home or business and mark underground utility lines.

Call 811 Before You Dig – Every digging job requires a call to 811 – from large-scale projects to smaller do-it-yourself (DIY) projects. Here are the top five reasons to call 811:

  1. It’s dangerous to dig without calling 811. You’re putting your life in danger, and you’re endangering everyone around you.
  2. You could face big repair costs. Fixing damaged utility lines is very expensive.
  3. It’s against the law, and you could face thousands of dollars in fines and penalties.
  4. You might knock out utility service to your neighborhood. Don’t be that guy!
  5. It’s FREE.

Always call 811 at least two business days before you start digging. Columbia Gas of Ohio and other utilities will mark the approximate location of buried lines at your dig site.

Having a contractor do work for you? If they dig, make sure they call 811 to have utilities located.

Make your next DIY project safe and successful.

  • Building a deck? Call 811.
  • Planting a tree? Call 811.
  • Putting up a mailbox? Call 811.
  • Putting in a small pond or water fountain? Call 811.
  • Installing a fence? Call 811.
  • Planting a bush or hedge? Call 811.
  • Pouring concrete? Call 811.

Pipeline Markers and Rights of Way

Natural gas pipelines are sometimes identified by markers placed at intervals along pipeline rights of way. While the markers are helpful for indicating the presence of pipelines in the area, they don’t show the exact location, depth, or how many pipelines are in the right-of-way. Don’t rely solely on the presence or absence of a pipeline marker. Always call 811 before you dig. Columbia Gas of Ohio and other utilities will mark their underground lines.

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