AELC Buddy Bench

avon-early-learning-center-buddy-bench-2-1Kindergarten and preschool students at the Avon Early Learning Center have a new addition to the playground with the recent installation of a “Buddy Bench.”

During the school’s monthly Pride Day activities, a special assembly was held today, Nov. 16, to explain the buddy bench to the students. The students were then taken to the playground where the bench was unveiled by AELC Principal Colleen Mudore.

The bench is simple idea created by a young boy from Pennsylvania. He noticed that some of his classmates didn’t have anyone to play with during recess. He wanted to find a way to help them and make recess a less lonely place. He suggested having something called a “buddy bench” installed on his school’s playground.

A buddy bench is a special bench where students can sit if they are feeling bored or lonely. It’s labeled “Buddy Bench” in big letters. Other students can then go to the bench and ask them if they would like to play or talk.

The bench idea has taken off and schools from around the country have been installing buddy benches to keep the mission of fostering friendships going.

The bench was made possible through a generous donation from the Avon PTA and the Avon Early Childhood PTA.

(Photos courtesy of the Avon Local Schools)