Drunk Found in Closet

Fairview Park Police were called to the Lawn Village Apartments at 22445 Lorain Rd on Jan. 23 at 1735 hours after a tenant there called out her on again/off again boyfriend for forced entry into her apartment. She found him asleep and intoxicated in her closet. Officers found the male as described, smelling strongly of an alcoholic beverage. He was so intoxicated that he had difficulty standing, and since the tenant did not want him in her unit, he was arrested for Disorderly Conduct – Intoxication. He was held till sober the next morning.POLICE_Fairview Park_Disclaimer

Possible Knee Bone Found by Dog

Police were called by a Wooster Rd resident who reported his dog was found playing with what looked like a human knee bone, according to his wife who has a medical background. The responding officer felt the bone was the right size and appearance to possibly be human, but could not definitively say. Neither could a paramedic. The bone, with some marrow still inside, was collected and taken to the Cuyahoga County Medical Examiners Office for identification. They examined it and advised  several days later that the bone was not human

Way Too Drunk

Someone had way too much to drink by the time Police were called by the owner of Reggie’s Saloon, 22830 Lorain, at 8:08 am on Jan. 24. The owner reported the business was entered and a male was inside and had threatened her. Upon arrival, officers were told that she found the glass to the back door broken out. Going inside, she found a male laying on the ground. She tapped his foot with her show and he awoke, then threatened her life. She then called the police.

Officers entered the bar and found the male laying on the floor, apparently highly intoxicated. He was arrested without incident. Investigation found that the male had apparently hid himself in a lower level at closing time. When all employees left, he tried forcing the ATM machine and the cash box of the cigarette machine. While doing so, he started drinking, apparently doing so till he passed out. The rear door glass was broken as he tried to exit the locked business at some point during the early morning hours. He is to be charged with Burglary, Aggravated Menacing, and Vandalism, held for court without bond.

Cocaine Found

An officer on patrol stopped a car for a traffic violation at Lorain/W 208 St on Jan. 25 15 0214 hours.. Upon checking it was found that his license was under suspension. He was cited and was walking from the scene as the officers were impounding his vehicle. One of the officers located a baggie of suspected cocaine, so the driver and passenger were again detained. The white powder was tested via a Narkit, registering positive for cocaine. The driver was arrested for Possession of Cocaine and held till he could see a judge, the passenger was sent on his way without charges.

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