Westlake Police: Test Drive Turns into Car Theft

A Woodpath Dr. couple offered to sell their 2004 VW Touareg on the Internet. Two ostensible “buyers” came by on Feb. 5 and took it on a test drive, never to be seen again, report Westlake Police. The suspects arrived in a 2005 Audi A8 (stolen from Euclid with a counterfeit check, report police) and also bearing a stolen license plate. One of the males has been IDed as a 22yoa Euclid man who faces charges in his hometown over this.POLICE_Westlake_Disclaimer

Happy Valentine’s Day

A 56yoa Detroit Rd. woman was choked and threatened with death by her boyfriend (46yoa Cleveland man) on Feb. 3. She signed complaints for Assault and Agg. Menacing and he was arrested on Feb. 4.

-A 36yoa Roanoke Ct. was arrested for DV on Feb. 4 after an incident with his ex-wife of two weeks (36yoa Bay Village woman). Both had been drinking and argued over how the male’s weekend visit with their 8yoa child would go. The male threw the female to the ground and tried to drag her out of the residence.

-A 36yoa Bay Landings man and his 27yoa wife argued over whether to quiet one of their children that was crying on Feb. 5. The wife hit the husband about the head and neck and was arrested for DV. When that arrest became imminent, the husband became all chivalrous and wanted to be arrested in her stead. No soap.

-A Winchester Dr. couple (39yoa man, 35yoa wife) squabbled over music volume on Feb. 6. The male hit the woman in the face and was arrested for DV.

-An intoxicated 29yoa Canterbury Rd. woman came home on Feb. and helped herself to her older brother’s smokes. This was not well received, police assistance was requested, and lil sister was arrested for DCI.  

Scammed and Robbed

As of Feb. 7, a Broadmore Ln. woman has headed off a spurious USPS change of address request and a phony credit card application. She was advised to place watches on her file with the major credit bureaux.

A Meadow Ln. man is out the $3000 he gave to a contractor back in August 2016 to improve the victim’s house. A series of excuses have been proffered by the 56 suspect (Akron man); the victim’s patience expired on Feb. when he reported the theft. Note to the reader: NEVER pay upfront. A legit contractor won’t even ask you for that. A reasonable deposit is much more customary and safer.

A Smith Ave. woman suspects a juvenile relative of making unauthorized charges on her credit card. He has done it before and may have done it recently at school as well, using a teacher’s card. She found out on Feb. 8 when her bank called to ask about unusual charges.

A stolen 1995 Ford F150 pickup turned up in a Center Ridge Rd. parking lot on Feb. 3 with a peeled column. It had been taken the day before in Cleveland and was impounded.


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