Apollo’s Fire Captures Mediterranean Mystique

The mystique, intrigue and romance of dances and romances from the ancient world were served up in compelling fashion by the Apollo’s Fire Baroque Orchestra at Avon Lake United Church of Christ the afternoon of Sunday, June 13.

The concert was part of the Apollo’s Fire series of Countryside Concerts slated for the summer season. About 300 guests were treated to an exploration of the roots and origins of Mediterranean Music under the co-direction of Amanda Powell and Brian Kay.

Powell, a soprano, and Kay, a tenor and plucked instruments specialist, led guests through a celebration of shared musical traditions from Baghdad to Spain and beyond.

Accompanied by Daphna Mor (ney & recorders), Tina Bergman (hammered dulcimer), Susanna Perry Gilmore (violin), Dave Morgan (bass) and Rex Benincasa (percussion), the concert traversed a vast cartography of influences represented by each interlude of musical origin.

From the opening Cantias of ancient Spain to the yearning nostalgia of The Dance of Longing, the ancient music proved relevant to the issues of the contemporary world and each man’s search for rest. Wandering the Italian Coast, Exotic Dreams and Love Beyond Boundaries captured in each set a unique and distinctive character traced to common traditions.

“We hope that Mediterranean Roots shines a light on the shared artistic traditions that cross the boundaries of religion, geography and race in our world,” said Kay and Powell. “Music is a universal language, transcending nationality, generation and tradition. Perhaps this is why it has often been said that ‘God gave us music, so that we might pray without words.’

Coming in July, Apollo’s Fire will present Vivaldi’s Four Seasons at Bay Village’s St. Raphael Church on Sunday, July 2 at 4 p.m. Please visit apollosfire.org or call (216) 320-0012 for ticket info.


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