Health Screenings Can Save Your Life

Simple Health Screenings can save your life!

Don’t be a statistic and end up with a heart attack, colon cancer or other catastrophic event when a health screening could have given you early warning.

Timothy O’Donnell, MD, colorectal surgeon. “Don’t be afraid to tell us your story. We have heard it all and we can better know what is going on and how to help you.”

University Hospitals St. John Medical Center recently hosted an All About You event at Lorain County Community College, ‘Gut Check,’ that gave insight into digestive issues. You can find info on getting a colonoscopy here: or simply call the offices of Saleem Chowdhry, MD at (440) 827-5296.

Below, an ad for a FREE heart screening is available this Saturday.

Don’t feel self-conscious about a health screening like a colonoscopy. The doctors have seen it all and the more they learn about you, the better they can serve your health needs.

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