Westlake Police

A Strongsville woman’s wallet containing cash and a company credit card was stolen her Westlake Village Dr. office on July 6. The card was cancelled before it was illicitly used.

An intoxicated 46yoa King James Pkwy. man couldn’t find his home on July 8 and so startled a neighbor by trying her door. He was arrested for DCI.

A So. Bay Dr. woman received an unsolicited credit card by mail on July 8. She contacted the bank which froze the account.

A Maple Hts. woman set her wallet down at a First St. business on July 8 and forgot about it. It was gone when she went back to look for it. Later on, it was found missing an unknown amount of cash.

Two screens were tampered and a solar light broken with at a Brantwood Dr. home on July 9. A Westlake boy seen cutting through the yard denied any involvement when questioned about it.

19 phony checks drawn on a First St. business’s account have been passed June 22- July 12. None were honored, and it is unclear where the attempts took place.

Between May 13 and July 6, a Bassett Rd. business received 10 orders for merchandise to be delivered to a FL address, all paid for with stolen credit cards. The company did not ship the last 4 orders after the true owner of one of the credit cards contacted an employee. Loss is $2263.

A 28yoa CA woman had several credit cards declined on July 11 at a Detroit Rd. store. She then stole a $21 item and was detained by staffers. She was arrested for Petty Theft.

A Turnburry Ct. man reported on July 12 that 2 phony credit cards applications have been filed in his name. The Post Office has also received a false request to change his address to a TX location.

An 11yoa girl reported that a male exposed himself to her while she was bicycling on Hilliard Blvd. on July 12. A suspect working at the location was later IDed and denies involvement.

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