Reception to Celebrate COFA Winners

The 2017 Community of Fine Arts, a juried art show, continues to exhibit over 100 works of art at Westlake’s Porter Public Library through Saturday, August 26. On that last day, August 26, the Westlake Westshore Arts Council will hold a Meet the Artists Reception and Awards Ceremony from 2 to 3:30 p.m. One and all are invited to meet the artists, enjoy light refreshments, and watch the creators of winning works receive awards.

Three art experts, Stuart Pearl, Patricia Hanahan Sigmier and Cathy Welner, judged the 2017 COFA. First Place winners in each division and category receive a $100 cash award, Second Place winners receive a $50.00 cash award, and gift certificates are given to those given an Honorable Mention.

The artists named winners in the 2017 Community of Fine Arts show are:

Watercolor-Amateur/Semi Professional: 1st Place-Claire Palmisano, 2nd Place-Ann Moore, Honorable Mention-Tom Hemsath; Watercolor-Professional: 1st Place- Robert Moyer, 2nd Place- Bob Parry, Honorable Mention- Bernadette D’ettore

Drawing-Pen & Ink-Amateur/Semi Professional: 1st Place-Dave Berkheimer, 2nd Place-Mary Broberg, Honorable Mention- Punit Vaidya; Drawing-Pen & Ink-Professional: Honorable Mention- Jackie Hixon (No 1st or 2nd Place awarded)

Charcoal-Pastel-Amateur/Semi Professional: 1st Place-Joseph Cole, 2nd Place-Paul Collander, Honorable Mention-Grace Lin; Charcoal-Pastel-Professional: 2nd Place-Phyllis J. Barrett, (No 1st or Honorable Mention awarded)

Mixed Medium-Amateur/Semi Professional: 1st Place-Barbara Hall, 2nd Place-Kathryn Sowecke, Honorable Mention-Charles Pachtler; Mixed Medium-Professional: 1st Place- Sean Crum 2nd Place-Gail Crum, Honorable Mention- Patricia Stafford

Oil-Acrylic-Amateur/Semi Professional: 1st Place-Georgene Carlton, 2nd Place-Tom Baracskai, Honorable Mention-Robert Pearl; Oil-Acrylic-Professional: 2nd Place-Gail Felix (No 1st or Honorable Mention Awarded)

Photography-Amateur/Semi Professional: 1st Place-Chris Christensen 2nd Place-Sandra Fall, Honorable Mention-David Pfister; Photography-Professional: 1st Place- Neil Doren, 2nd Place-Marcello Mellino, Honorable Mention- Judith Maruszan

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