New ‘Job’ Costs Westlake Man $22K

A 26 year old Weymouth Circle man was rooked out of $22,000 through a phony online job recently, report Westlake Police.

He was directed to make a series of purchases of Apple gift cards on his personal credit card, give the numbers to his “boss” and be reimbursed.

This process seemed to work OK until he was told to report to the company office in Cleveland on Aug. 14. No such firm existed. Then, all his “reimbursements” were reversed. Checking online, he found the “company” and the associated phone numbers and email were listed on a fraud-related website.

Grandma Scam Strikes Again

An 87 year old Westlake Village Drive woman was taken for $4200 through the grandma telephone fraud scam on Aug. 14, report Westlake Police. A purported granddaughter needed that sum to have “charges” from an accident dismissed. The victim bought gift cards, called the number she had been given, and read off the numbers. Later that day, she called her granddaughter, who had not been in any crash.


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