Super Hero Day in Avon

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The great city of Avon, Ohio has partnered with ‘Super Heroes To Kids In Ohio’ for ‘Super Hero Day’ on September 16th (rain date on September 17th). The City, Mayor, and local celebrities will assist children, who are battling illness and adversity, rescue the city from dastardly comic book villains. Afterwards, the general public is welcome for public photos with nearly 40 popular comic book characters (both heroes and villains). Short, scripted scenes will take place at various points throughout the city, with public photos at the Avon Aquatic Facility, 36265 Detroit Road, starting around 2:00 pm or slightly thereafter; public parking will be available. With members from all different walks of life, it is the goal of ‘Super Heroes To Kids In Ohio’ to spread good will by (1) simple acts of kindness, (2) the recognition of individuals who have battled through adversity (3) and to encourage the involvement of ‘community’ to make a positive difference in the lives of others; especially children.

This official 501(c)3 non-profit charity continues to make costumed visits to children’s hospitals, special needs centers, and various charitable events whenever needed, all in an attempt to bring hope and smiles to children and families. With nearly 500 visits and events to their credit since inception in 2010, they have been honored with awards by The American Red Cross. The Cleveland Police, and Murray Ridge. “Partnering with The City of Avon to give special recognition to nearly 20 ‘Super Kids’ who will be saving the city, is a tremendous honor for our group. As one of our other co-founders, Jimmy Myers says: the kids are the real heroes!” …Brian Chulik co-founder. **Super Heroes To Kids In Ohio is a 501(c)3 non-profit not affiliated with DC Comics, Marvel, Disney, or any other similar group or company. All acts are done in a charitable tone.

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