HEALTH: Westlake Doctors Seeing Positive Results in Treating Pain with Neurostimulation

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The new headquarters of Nightingale Centers for Regenerative Medicine will be located at the Gemini Towers, 1991 Crocker Road, 5th Floor, in Westlake.

At their Westlake medical office, Doctors Evenhouse and Manacci have been treating patients with chronic pain by using neurostimulation therapy. The results have been positive, with most patients reporting a reduction in pain within 1-2 days.

Neurostimulation is a minimally-invasive and drug-free therapy, where patients temporarily wear a small, disposable device just below the ear. That neurostimulator device emits a low, imperceptible electrical current into the ear lobe, then on to the vagus nerve in the brain. This nerve affects the pain pathways in the spinal cord, and reduces pain signals regardless of their cause. Only licensed medical providers may apply this device.

This treatment has been used in Europe for over seven years, and has just recently been cleared by the FDA for use in the U.S. The doctors at Nightingale Centers for Regenerative Medicine treat patients with many types of painful conditions, including arthritis, joint injuries, fibromyalgia, migraines, neuropathies, back and neck pain, peripheral arterial disease, and others.

Those interested in scheduling a consultation may do so by visiting the clinic website at or by calling (844) 7-NGI-MED.

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