Magic Carpet Drive

“When I was younger, my mom could not be at three places at once by picking both me and my brother up from school. It was because of my “fairy godmother” who took me to all of my activities that I could do both piano and dance when growing up. Now, looking back at it, my “fairy godmother” was a blessing to me and my brother, and I probably would not be the same person I am today without her.

– Elizabeth, Age 22

Magic Carpet Drive, funded by Danielle Dronet, is a child care option for parents that is even better than an in home babysitter. Magic Carpet Drive is committed to transporting kids where they need to go to support parents and guardians in their everyday lives.

Magic Carpet Drive is more than just Uber or Lyft for kids — it’s about teaching youth how to connect and network with other youth their own age and adults in a respectful way. It is also about giving youth the ability and resources to go to events and activities before and after school that they might not be able to while parents are at work or making dinner. Our staff is selected based on their interest in providing personalized care and support for children and families.

By using Magic Carpet Drive, a child is paired up with 2 adults and other kids from their neighborhood to go around to different activities the kids may have. The adults are provided with a safe car, insurance, as well as snacks for the kids, so there is little to none out of pocket costs for the drivers (and no hungry kids!).

We currently have employment opportunities available. If you are interested in learning more about Magic Carpet Drive or see the need for this service in your neighborhood, please visit our website or call us at 216-370-3250.

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